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Kye's Birthday Slideshow

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Every birthday I go through all the pictures I took of Kye throughout that year and put together a slideshow for his party. I think it's a wonderful thing to have playing in the living room. It gives people something to look at while they are eating and mingling. It takes me quite a bit of time to put it together but I always love the finished product! You can go back and watch his 1st birthday slideshow here and his second birthday one here. They each run about 20 minutes so it's a great time killer if you're bored ;)

This is the first year that Kye actually enjoyed watching the slideshow. I showed it to him before his party and he asked a question about every single picture. Poor Zach got pretty annoyed but I tried to be patient and answer them all ("who is that? what are we doin'? where are we?"). I thought sharing this slideshow with all of you would be a great way to celebrate his birthday today!!! Can't believe he's THREE already...people weren't lying when they said it'll fly by!
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  1. We're celebrating Lily's 1st Birthday today! Happy Birthday to both wonderful kids :)

  2. Happy birthday, Kye! I started following your blog as he was turning 2, so it was fun to watch the slideshow and "relive" a lot of those moments with you. He has really changed from a toddler into a little boy!

  3. Rachael_CopponexMarch 8, 2012 at 9:55 AM

    I always look at all of these and I loved the pictures :)  He is SO photogenic, you are so lucky.  I was thinking the other day though, I think he likes taking pictures because YOU like taking pictures.  I RUN from the camera and I think Macy has picked up on that.


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