Britt’s 9th Birthday Slideshow

Britt’s 9th Birthday Slideshow Today my smart, sweet, God-loving, precious girl is NINE. God made my dreams of having a daughter come true with her and she’s been my sunshine girl since the moment she… View Post

Spear’s 3rd Birthday Slideshow

Spear’s 3rd Birthday Slideshow Today Spear is THREE. Gone are the days of having a baby in our home. It’s truly the end of an era in our lives and I’m a little bit in… View Post

Tess’s 6th Birthday Slideshow

Tess’s 6th Birthday Slideshow Today my little baby girl is SIX. This entire year Tess has said she plans to stay five forever and when I tucked her in last night she cried sweet little… View Post

Kye’s 11th Birthday Slideshow

Kye’s 11th Birthday Slideshow Today Kye is ELEVEN. He can officially no longer count his age on his fingers! Even though it’s tough seeing my baby grow up, each stage is better than the last.… View Post

Britt’s 8th Birthday Slideshow

Britt’s 8th Birthday Slideshow The one who made my dreams of having a daughter come true 💕⁣ She’s our kid who inherited Daddy’s “naturally good at everything they try” trait, the girl whose light shines… View Post