Kye’s 12th Birthday Celebration

Celebrating Kye’s 12th Birthday! Our first baby turned TWELVE on March 4th! It’s insane to think I’ve been a parent for 12 years now and it’s a true honor to get to be his mama.… View Post

Kye’s 12th Birthday Slideshow

Today Kye is TWELVE! As we enter the last year of childhood I’m just blown away by the blessing it is to be Kye’s mom ❤️ He makes me proud every single day. From his… View Post

Britt’s 9th Birthday

Britt’s 9th Birthday – December 6, 2020 Our sweet Britt turned NINE and had SUCH a fun celebration over Thanksgiving break. Britt loves “birthday facts” and it’s really neat that she and I have our… View Post

Spear’s 3rd Birthday

Spear’s 3rd Birthday – December 1, 2020 We had Spear’s birthday party a couple weeks before his actual birthday due to our traveling over Thanksgiving (read all about his construction birthday party fun here!). Tucking… View Post

Britt’s 9th Birthday Slideshow

Britt’s 9th Birthday Slideshow Today my smart, sweet, God-loving, precious girl is NINE. God made my dreams of having a daughter come true with her and she’s been my sunshine girl since the moment she… View Post