Zach’s 36th Birthday

Zach’s 36th Birthday

Every. Single. Year Zach’s Birthday falls on THE first day of school. Literally every year.

This year though? Covid did Zach a solid and our school system pushed back the first day so we had a bonus week of summer and Zach didn’t have to share his special day with the kids’ first day!

It also fell on a Friday which allowed us to have some family fun time.

Zach LOVES golfing. It’s his favorite activity and biggest stress reliever. In years past we have done an annual family golf outing for Father’s Day. However, it’s been put on a semi-permanent hold since adding in a fourth kid.

Four kids is a LOT for a golf outing. Especially when the fourth is a wild man haha!

But we decided Zach’s birthday was an idea time to try out a family of 6 golf outing πŸ™‚ We drove two cars so I could bring the three younger ones home when they got over it (we almost made it for 9 holes). And that way Zach and Kye could finish the round together too!

It was a GORGEOUS morning!

Britt said “I should be a golfer because I look cute in hats” Yes, she does πŸ˜‰

It is a lot of chaos with all our crew so Zach made a tee-time very early and they allowed us to start on a hole that would be less likely to interfere with other golfers. We ran into one or two but they were all coming by to say Happy Birthday to Zach so it wasn’t an intrusion on anyones game.

Golf is like THE quietest sport so golf + kids doesn’t really mix all that well ha!

Our kids ALL did great though being mindful of the rules and staying quiet when someone was hitting.

I drove one cart and Zach drove the other and the kids took turns riding with us all. I had the snacks so I had the advantage πŸ˜‰

Zach is SUCH a great daddy and SO hands on. He was so patient and took the time with EACH kid to help them and encourage them and make sure they had their chance to play too.

Tess was the least excited about the outing but she even continued to have a good attitude and try her best too! Britt wanted to stay all day with the guys πŸ˜‰

When Kye was Spear’s age he was OBSESSED with golf. It was one of his first words and he’d say it ALL THE TIME. We even had his 2nd birthday party as a golf theme because he loved it so much (here’s a little flashback!)

Spear however? ZERO. Interest.

He’s alllll about cars and trucks and building stuff but not at all interested in the world of golf! He did SO well though playing quietly and only ran off a few times πŸ˜‰

Kye is very hard on himself and very competitive and we warned him that with ALL of us there it was NOT a regular round of golf so it would be difficult to play well and to just not let it bother him, but he did struggle some with attitude, which we’ve had happen in the past too and does take away from the family fun of it.

It’s something Kye is aware of about himself and is actively working on strategies to help remain calm and to not allow his frustration and disappointment to ruin his good time. I’m proud of him for how far he’s come with it and in his awareness of it and how dedicated he is on working through it!

It was a great start to a great birthday for Daddy!

Zach and Kye stayed to finish the round and I took the other kids home. When Zach got home the big kids all swam with Daddy while Spear napped and then Zach wanted to have a steak dinner at the house for dinner!

I didn’t mind him wanting to cook on his own birthday ha!

We also had a free cookie cake due to an error they’d made on Britt’s cake last year so we got the hook up with a MASSIVE one for Zach! It didn’t take us long to finish it!

For gifts, Zach opted to use his birthday money on a shopping trip so the kids gave him birthday cards they’d made for him and I gave him a card as well and then we played a round of Sorry once Spear went to bed.

Zach’s favorite game is Sorry and it was the first time we used ALL the pawns AND didn’t have one begin the game already out of start.

OF course he and Tess won! Tess is always on the winning team…and if she’s not then she’ll tell the winner that she had been secretly on their team πŸ˜‰

That Sunday we had Zach’s family over for lunch to celebrate our combo birthdays – Zach and Tess together! It was a great afternoon of eating, swimming, and playing together! The kids had a blast and I love being able to host events at our home.

Tess was so cute when she blew out her candle (yes we used Unicorn Snack Cakes…see my last blog post about that haha) someone said “make a wish!” so she told her wish out loud and it was “I wish for a unicorn.” Which was literally my childhood birthday wish every single year πŸ˜‰

Mrs Charlotte sweetly kept the kids for us so we could do a day trip to Jacksonville for Zach’s birthday!

We hit up Ikea to load up on some stuff for Kye’s room revamp as well as another fun house project in the works (I promise Tess’s room reveal is coming soon!)

It was a nightmare. They were out of EVERYTHING. BUT we didn’t have a single argument so still a win! We got what we could and made plans for Zach to run back in when he went to Atlanta for his infusion.

Once we finished up there we headed to Express where Zach spent his bday money on a new suit and some new shirts and such for work. You know you’re an adult when you get pumped for new work attire πŸ˜‰

We then hit up Cheesecake Factory for his birthday dinner together! SO GOOD. It always brings back memories of our honeymoon and our first argument as a married couple (over what I liked to order at Cheesecake Factory). It’s Crispy Chicken Costello. FYI.

I have the worst luck with my monthly visitor. I swear it always strikes at the worst times. My day 1 is always the worst and I had my day 1 on the reopening of Magic Kingdom day…and my next day 1 was at IKEA. UGH.

It was hilarious because I went to the bathroom at the restaurant to deal with things and I had NO toilet paper. I waited awhile to see if anyone came in that I could ask, but nope. I finally texted Zach at the table and he got our waitress to bring me toilet paper. CLASSIC.

I think it’s safe to say that Zach had a really great birthday! So thankful that he just keeps getting better with age πŸ˜‰ 36 looks good on him!

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