Zach’s 36th Birthday

Zach’s 36th Birthday Every. Single. Year Zach’s Birthday falls on THE first day of school. Literally every year. This year though? Covid did Zach a solid and our school system pushed back the first day… View Post

Family Fun: March

All about our March! A big event this month was mine and Katie’s version of the Super Bowl…OSCAR NIGHT! We had a great time seeing all the movies this year and enjoyed watching the awards… View Post

Father’s Day 2017

Last year Zach had back surgery in May and we weren’t able to do our annual family golf outing for Father’s Day due to his recovery. We instead went for his birthday…and while Zach wasn’t… View Post

Zach’s Birthday {Annual Family Golf Outing}

Ever since Tess was born I feel the need to make Zach’s birthdays BIGGER. Her birthday is exactly a week before his and I never, ever want him to feel overshadowed by hers. It’s kinda ridiculous… View Post

Father’s Day 2016

Every year for Father’s Day we celebrate the day prior and we go on a family golf outing. Zach had back surgery in mid-May and there was just no way his back was recovered enough… View Post