Week 15 Summary

Kye’s Changes This Week:

4 Hour Schedule:

This is very exciting! Babywise suggests that by the time a baby is 4 months old they should be on the four hour schedule (eating at 7, 11, 3, and 7). I planned on waiting until Kye was closer to the 4 month marker just to make sure he was ready but Saturday we moved it! Since Autumn was here for his pictures he went down for his nap almost an hour late and was soooo sleepy. I let him sleep until 11 instead of the normal 10:30. He did fine! So the next nap I tried to put him down later and he slept again until 3. I was worried about the 7 pm feeding though b/c that means he had to go 12 hours without eating again. I thought for sure he’d wake up in the middle of the night! But since Katie and Ashley were over and he played A LOT with them and was outside a lot he was so tired we didn’t hear a thing out of him all night!

Being on a 4 hour schedule is wonderful as his naps have been SO much better (since he’s 4 hours now he actually dropped a nap which I think helps) and he’s awake for a full 2 hours (including eating time) instead of barely an hour and a half. It is so much more fun!

He’s still been sleeping through the night wonderfully and hasn’t had any issues acting hungry before it’s time to eat. The only real “issue” so far? He has a hard time staying awake for his entire wake time! Especially with the teething he gets sooo sleepy so early. Most naps I’ve been putting him down 15 min early. He’ll be on this schedule for a pretty long time and it’s hard for me to believe that just 3 months ago he was eating EIGHT times a day and now he’s only eating FOUR!

I’m very anti-paci outside of the crib but with the teething it helps a lot so I’ve been giving it to him if he’s in pain and it’s close to his nap time. Well a couple days ago I gave him the paci close to the nap time and went in the laundry room for a minute. When I came back he was cuddling with his monkey blanket sleeping with it over his face!!! I had to just watch him for a few minutes and of course snap some pictures, so precious!

Real Bath:

Zach decided to start bathing him in the real bathtub, but still using his little kid tub too. Kye really enjoys it! He can now sit up in the bath and doesn’t have to lay in the mesh thing anymore and he LOVES the “shower.” It’s special Daddy and Kye time for sure


We’re 100% finished with Zantac! YAY! I’ve seen ZERO side effects of him stopping it and I’m eager to go to his 4 month check-up so I can get the dr. to write a letter saying he no longer has GERD! It’ll be striked from his record and will lower our insurance, something we really need right now 🙂

Tractor Ride:

This week Kye had his first ride on the tractor. I’m not in any way a farm type girl (does that shock anyone?) but Mr. Rusty loves it and really wanted to take Kye for a ride so of course I let him. It won’t be a very often occurrence though as I don’t want our child obsessed with tractors the way Colt is! Colt’s first birthday party was tractor themed!!! No thanks!

Baby Bjorn:

Zach and I got this Baby Bjorn thing off our registry but never have used it. I wish we would have pulled it out sooner! It’s awesome! Now that Kye is awake longer we are searching for things to do with him (how long can you really sit there with a toy with him without getting bored?) and Zach thought we’d try the Bjorn! It’s really neat and Kye fits in it well and actually likes it! Zach’s used it a little each day to get him used to it and we plan to take it with us to St Augustine in July as it’ll be MUCH easier to walk around town with that rather than a huge stroller 🙂

Standing “on own”:

Isn’t our baby “gifted?” haha he can stand all by himself! Zach discovered this little trick and Kye loves it! We put him on the couch and let him stand. He’ll fall over a million times and we just catch him and put him back up. It gets giggles every time! Of course I had to get a little video of it too!


Blue Eyes:

I know a baby’s eyes can change color within the first year or so of life…and I wonder if Kye’s will stay blue? I have blue eyes and Zach has hazel eyes so there is a chance! Mr. Rusty (who also has blue eyes…can you tell he and I are partial to blue eyes? haha) said he thinks Kye’s will stay blue because he heard somewhere that if the whites are blue then the eyes will stay blue. I have no clue if it’s true or not but Kye does have very blue tinted whites!


Kye really notices the dogs now. It’s so neat how not long ago I was excited when he would put his arms up towards things and now he can purposefully reach for something! Levi is ALWAYS near him and Kye will reach and reach until he can touch Levi. It’s not always the most gentle touch but Levi doesn’t seem to mind, at least not yet! Kye also loves Levi kisses and if he’s crying Levi can make him feel better!


Yes, Kye is teething. It’s not fun, but it’s not as bad as I was expecting either. Knock on wood but it hasn’t yet affected his sleeping, routine, or much else. He’s just a little fussier than he used to be! So far the best trick is keeping a paci in the freezer! If he’s hurting I just pop that in and it satisfies him. Also we got this Sassy dragonfly teething toy and that works great too!

It’s great because Kye is starting to learn to hold his paci!!! Perfect timing since he’s having to use the frozen one so often! I’ve seen him put it back in his mouth once but hopefully he’ll get to the point where he can do it on his own as it’ll save me a lot of trips to his room during nap time!

In case anyone is reading this who has a baby, do not listen to everyone when they tell you to keep the teething things in the freezer. I read the instructions on them and it specifically says to keep them in the fridge, not freezer! It said that the stuff inside of them is poisonous and that when frozen they can bust. It may never happen but why risk it?

Other than the frozen paci Kye’s other favorite teething “toy” is his fist. He can fit the whole thing in his mouth which is hilarious!!!


Kye has turned into an every 2-3 day pooper. It’s nice to not have so many poopie ones, but DANG when they are dirty they are ULTRA dirty!!!

Stationary Entertainer:

Since Kye has been loving to stand up now I tried the bouncy thing and go annoyed b/c he can’t touch the ground yet! BIG thanks to Robyn who suggested I try putting pillows under him! Now he LOVES it and I’ve used it several times this week and he’s never gotten frustrated like he did that first time…and he’s even starting to learn how to make it bounce 🙂 I wonder when I should pull out the doorway jumpy thing?


Lots more babbling which is fun! He sounds like he says “words” and it’s pretty funny. A lot of the times when he cries he will make a “ma” sound so it sounds like he’s asking for me haha! He also does “ba” and “goo” a lot. Occassionally he will make a sound that sounds like he’s saying “Kye.” It’s a pretty easy name to say though isn’t it? It’s neat that he really is trying to communicate with us…I can’t wait until we actually can understand him!

Since I gained 2 lb last week I was pretty nervous to weigh in this week. I SHOULD lose ya know? Especially now that he’s on a 4 hour schedule my milk production has slowed down so it should help my weight out a little bit. I weighed in this morning and yup..I lost 4.5 lb! Yay! I’m only 1.5 lb from my pre-pregnancy weight and 4.5 from my goal! My pants are fitting better. All my 8’s fit pretty comfortably. I have accepted the idea that since my hips have gotten wider that I may never be a size 4 again and it’s okay by me! As long as I’m a six and I look GOOD in my clothes then I can deal with it. At this point I honestly think I look better in a bikini or naked than I do fully dressed. Clothes will hug the fat ya know? But if you just see my stomach it’s really not that bad.
I did break down and decide that I have to exercise if I want this weight gone. Blah. Zach said he’d watch Kye right after his 7 am feeding so I could go for a job around the block. I did it yesterday for about 20 min and DANG! I can barely move today!!! I plan to keep it up and see if it helps things move a little quicker 🙂
I realize now that I think most new moms just go out and buy new clothes in their size they are instead of being stuck wearing maternity pants and bella bands forever. I, however, refuse to buy new clothes in my size. What would be my motivation to lose weight if I did that? So yes, I had a baby 15 weeks ago and YES I’m still in mostly maternity pants but I don’t have the money to waste on clothing that I hope won’t fit me for very long!
I’m pretty motivated right now and I hope I can keep it up!


  1. Amanda
    June 17, 2009 / 5:40 pm

    As always, he's a cutie pie! I'm glad he's being the perfect little boy you hoped he would be. I love reading your posts. As for you, I admire your determination in the weight loss and I agree with your motive on not buying new clothes, I can totally see how that helps. I've lost 10lbs myself since April 9 or so…I know that's not much weight for the time period but at least I know it's coming off slowly and 'health-ily' (I know that's not a word). Keep up the good work!!

  2. Robyn
    June 19, 2009 / 2:13 pm

    I just wanted to let you know that you keep me inspired to stick with and work harder with BabyWise! I had my daughter on a great schedule, but then I went back to work and it got ALLL messed up. I teach, so I'm home for the summer now, and it is SO hard to get her back to where she needs to be. She's 4 1/2 months old and we're just now going from a 3 hour schedule to a 3 1/2 hour schedule. It is SO hard, but your blog keeps me motivated to continue!PS – I'm glad the pillow idea worked for Kye!

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