Britt Summary of Month 14

Britt’s 14th month of life was from Jan 6th through Feb 5th (and yes, just like that I’m caught back up to where I’m typically at! 1 month behind to the day!)   This was… View Post

Brittlynn’s Bath Seat

I get asked a decent amount of questions about my blog…mostly about Babywise and Christianity. And others about parenting and babies. One question I get asked often is regarding Brittlynn’s bath seat! I thought I’d… View Post

Week Six Summary

~I’m one follower away from 200 and a super exciting giveaway! I’ve ordered the prize and when I showed Zach what I got he said I should keep it for myself…it’s that awesome 😉 ~… View Post

Summary of Month 21

Does it just feel like I wrote a monthly post? I guess because I did! At least I’m catching up, I’m proud of myself 🙂 Words: Kye says everything he did last month and has… View Post

Summary of Month 18

Whew! I know I’m mega late on this and I hate that…but life right now is a constant go-go-go and I just can’t slow down! I am probably including way more pictures than I should… View Post