Tess’s 4th Birthday Slideshow

Today Tess is FOUR!!! Our sweet little baby girl is growing up quick 🙂 Four years ago today you captured our hearts and have filled our days with joy ever since. 💕 Happy Birthday to… View Post

Tess Monthly Summary: September 2016

This is Tess’s summary from September: Part of the fun of Tess being in school this year is getting to attend her school events! Zach was pumped to get to celebrate BOTH of his girls… View Post

Tess Monthly Summary: August 2016

This is Tess’s first monthly summary! No more counting to figure out how many months old she is 😉 The next time I’ll have to do detailed posts will be newborn weekly ones when Tab… View Post

Britt Monthly Summary: August 2016

This is Britt’s summary from August! Britt LOVES school! She takes it very seriously and works so hard on her work. She’s always very proud when we go through her school work every day. She… View Post

Kye Monthly Summary: August 2016

Completely unrelated to this post but I want to just thank EVERYONE for ALL of the prayers regarding Zach (post with details here!). I’m sure I’ll repeat this in a future post that is more… View Post