The Importance of Dad’s Support with Babywise

The Importance of Dad’s Support with Babywise Our children’s generation is so blessed as it’s a generation where dads are more hands-on than ever before. Whereas our father’s may not have changed diapers, dads today… View Post

How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

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Keeping a Sleepy Newborn Awake for Feedings

Keeping a Sleepy Newborn Awake for Feedings: How to Make Baby Stay Awake While Breastfeeding One of the most important things during the first days of a baby’s life is making sure they are getting… View Post

How Babywise Allows Me to Have a Life Outside of Motherhood

So often in today’s culture it seems like moms are viewed as martyrs. They sacrifice their own joy, their personal goals, their sleep, their relationships, their wardrobe, their time, and so on and so on… View Post

Babywise and the Pacifier

It’s time to talk about Babywise and the pacifier: what it’s for and what it’s not for! When my son was about three weeks old I had a friend recommend reading Babywise. I loved the… View Post