Summary of Month 6

This month has been a big one for our little boy! Lots of changes and tons of growth…he’s gone from a baby to a little man 🙂 Newest Sound It seems like every month Kye… View Post

Summary of Month 5

Here are some of the many changes Kye has experienced during his 5th month of life! Reaching: Last month Kye really started reaching with a purpose. He’s now reaching and GRABBING things! It’s tough b/c… View Post

I’m baaaaaack!

Yesterday was weigh-in day. I was pretty nervous because I didn’t do as well as I probably should have on our trip! When I weighed in though I was pumped!!! I FINALLY weigh my pre-pregnancy… View Post

Week 15 Summary

Kye’s Changes This Week: 4 Hour Schedule: This is very exciting! Babywise suggests that by the time a baby is 4 months old they should be on the four hour schedule (eating at 7, 11,… View Post

Week 14 Summary

I’m still waiting for the week to come when there isn’t something to say! Maybe kids never stop having interesting weeks? It seems like stuff is ALWAYS changing!!! Doesn’t he look so much older? Turns… View Post