From DDs to Barely Cs

I am almost titled this post “From Porn Star to School Girl” but I thought that might be a little inappropriate… After drying-up it took a while for my breasts to be fully dry. One… View Post

Drying Up

Wellllll some people knew what I was in for (Rachael and Robyn!) but I didn’t really have a clue. I like to wait until I’m through something tough to blog about it as it’s easier… View Post

Change of Goals

Everyone knows that breastfeeding started off super tough for me. I had pain. I had bleeding. I had engorgement, mastitis, and yeast. Basically everything that could go wrong did! It took me about 8 weeks… View Post

Week 15 Summary

Kye’s Changes This Week: 4 Hour Schedule: This is very exciting! Babywise suggests that by the time a baby is 4 months old they should be on the four hour schedule (eating at 7, 11,… View Post

Milk Issue Solved

Everyone knows by now that breastfeeding has been a rocky road for me. Before going to Paris I took more antibiotic for yeast and Kye also took medicine that ended while we were gone. Since… View Post