Zach and I got married in the summertime and had one semester left of college before graduation. Zach wanted to start having babies immediately…whereas I wanted to give it a second before jumping into motherhood… View Post

The Best Way to Get Rid of Dog Smell & Stains: Hardwood Floors, Carpet, and Furniture

Removing pet stains from hardwood floors doesn’t have to be a pain, nor does getting rid of dog smell and pet odors from your house! I was born without the ability to smell. It isn’t… View Post

Doggie Lovin’

As a parent do you sort of chuckle to yourself when you see a young couple all about their dog? You think “just wait” because you know that once a baby enters the picture the… View Post

Kye Summary of Month 20

It’s been a little busy around here but I’m thankful for these monthly posts as it gives me a place to put the little moments that I could easily forget with time. Here’s what Kye… View Post

Our Third Puppy

One of my favorite home movies to watch is one when my little brother was a baby and I was about 3 or 4. My mom was trying to bathe Brandon and I was being… View Post