Favorite Finds May 2019

Favorite Finds for May 2019.

Girl on Unicorn Amazon Favorite Finds

What I Did This Month:

This was such a fun-filled month for me! I had THE best Mother’s Day EVER (You can read about it here) with my sweet babies πŸ™‚

mothers day 2019

And Tess and I had our solo weekend at Disney! (you can read about it here and here!)

We also had book club and had a great turn out this month for our overview of The Mother-in-Law.

Y’all. I LOVED this book. It was SO GOOD.

It was not only a great story that kept you wanting to read more, but the author did a fabulous job with character development and really exploring perspectives and how we view the world from our perspective but also need to consider the ways other people see things.

We talked the most about this book than we have any other! I HIGHLY recommend it and you can purchase it here!

book club may 2019

What I Wore This Month:

I link to ALL my favorite “Mom Style” finds on my Amazon List Here…and have a highlight on my Instagram Profile here!

This shirt is one of my absolute FAVORITES! I wear it on a regular basis and highly recommend it.

I am obsessing over these earrings and they are a perfect pop of color for summer.

Old Navy makes my FAV denim shorts! You can grab them here πŸ˜‰

These shoes are a new item for me and I’m really loving them and think they will be my go-to shoe this summer!

blue stripe shirt and white sandals

Y’all see me wear this denim jacket on the regular. It’s lightweight and has a nice stretch to it.

These t-shirt dresses are a staple in my closet and I swear I have them in like every color!

I need to invest in new navy tennis shoes as I wear these so much they are literally starting to fall apart!

bright pink dress and denim jacket

Same jacket…different dress! These are an Amazon option of the t-shirt dress that are GREAT too!

navy dress and denim jacket

I’ve shared this AWESOME cardigan many times now! It’s LINED and SUCH great quality.

These are my go-to dark denim jeans.

I also wear these shirts on the regular for my basic layering.

And this necklace adds a fun detail!

yellow cardigan

I am IN LOVE with this dress!

And this necklace too!

green dress

I’m obsessed with these tops from Express. I think I own like 7 of them. SO comfortable!

Every mom needs a good pair of distressed jeans.

I love my Michaels Khors watch.

And I shared before but I am SO PUMPED that these shoes can now be find on WALMART!!!

came shirt

I ordered this purple dress for Easter and didn’t wear it then but loved it too much to return it!

purple dress

Rockin’ the pink tassel earrings again!

This striped dress is SO CUTE and comfortable! The sleeve detail is so cute too!

I wear my watches regularly but am so bad about never putting in new batteries when they die so the time is like never, ever right πŸ™‚ This is a link to my black one!

stripe dress

The criss-cross design on this tunic is super flattering

Distressed jeans again!

I love my Crocs Sexi Flips for summer!

pink tunic and jeans

Yes…the tassel earrings AGAIN πŸ˜‰

This is one of my favorite cardigans!

And this dress is super comfortable but still has a sexy edge to it.

dress and cardigan

I ADORE this dress! So comfortable, great length and pockets!

And these are among my most worn cardigans – very light weight (I wore this outfit to Disney in MAY and wasn’t hot!)

polka dress and cardigan

Another super cute and comfortable polka dot dress!

dot dress

I love comfortable clothes for travel:

My fav denim jacket again

Along with my favorite layering tees

And these NEW lounge pants! SO COMFORTABLE y’all and cute enough where I don’t feel like a slob when I wear them πŸ˜‰

casual travel outfit

I wore the follow outfits on our trip to Williamsburg this month! You can read about our travels here and here πŸ™‚

I love love love this top and also bought it in black!

Rockstar Jeggings from Old Navy are my fav!

These shoes may not look super cute with the outfit but y’all they are the ONLY shoes I wear on days that require a lot of walking (like Disney!). SO COMFORTABLE and worth the price tag, I promise!

green top and jeans

I don’t own many rompers b/c I’m pretty picky about them but I love this one (here’s a similar style).

And duh guys I’m OBSESSED with these sunglasses!!!


I love a comfortable dress that is also cute enough for a date night and this one def is both!

dress with stripes and flowers

Shop All Of My Looks Here:

Blue Polka Dot Dress
Black and White Stripe Dress
T-Shirt Dress
Floral Leisure Pants
Polka Dot Maxi Dress
Cardigan with Pockets
Long Floral Cardigan
Teal Dress
Crocs Sexi Flip
Criss Cross Tunic
Purple Dress with Buttons
Perforated Slip On Shoes
Distressed Jeggings
V-Neck from Express
Initial Necklace
Green Stripe Dress
Horn Necklace
Luxe Layering Shirt
Long Button Cardigan
Navy Shoes
Gray T-Shirt Dress
White Sandals
Pink Tassel Earrings
Blue Stripe Shirt
Stripe Floral Maxi
Denim Jacket
Green Shirt
Black Sunglasses
Olukai Flip Flops
Black Watch
Gold Watch
Dark Wit and Wisdom Jeans

What I Ordered This Month:

As always I love loading up my Amazon cart each month and enjoy sharing my favorite purchases with y’all!

Elderberry Syrup has become a regular in my rotation of ordering and I always, always keep some on hand. I am a believer guys!!!

If I start feeling cruddy I drink 2 Tbl of it and I swear it makes a difference!

If you’re like me then you’d be wise to buy a pack of these glass screen protectors for your phone too!

I laughed out loud when I put a BRAND NEW one on my phone before our trip to Virginia, and then in Jamestown, I dropped my phone and cracked it. I was thankful I had the multi-pack so I could just easily replace it when I got home!

I am pretty hardcore about my favorite personal beauty products and I’ve LOVED this product for my hair for a long time.

I shower at night and run this through my hair wet and then put my hair in a bun to sleep so it’s still pretty damp in the morning before I style. This makes my hair SO SOFT!

It’s a HUGE bottle and lasts me a solid 6 months, or longer.

You Can Shop All of My Morning Routine Items Here:

My Foundation
Sebastian Hair Treatment
Smoky Eyeshadow
Neutral Eye Shadow
Lange Wand
Hair Oil
Finishing Serum
Heat Protector
Makeup Brushes
Vitamin C
Eye Cream
Bye Bye Undereye
Undereye Corrector
Eyebrow Color

I work at my desk every day on the blog and my phone is typically running close to dead by naptime so I’m always needing to charge it.

I listen to podcasts and talk to friends of mine on Marco Polo (which is video chat) and it’s a pain to have my phone laying down to charge when I’m trying to see a video or take a video in response.

I am SO PUMPED about this find! It’s a GAME CHANGER to be able to prop my phone and allow it to charge! Plus it’s under $10! Whoop whoop!

I am hardcore about skin protection, especially in the warmer months. I have a struggle with finding hats because, well, I have a big head haha

I own SEVERAL of these hats. They fit me SO WELL and are adjustable for those of you with smaller heads too πŸ˜‰ And SO affordable!

Disney has stopped using plastic straws at the parks so I finally invested in reusable ones! I REALLY am liking these because the little pods fit perfectly in the side pocket of a bookbag (actually I can fit two in there!)

I also like that the straw is wide enough for iced coffee and slushies! I was a bit worried about that!

I am obsessed with kimonos. I LIVE IN THEM. I ordered a few new ones this month to have over the summer and they all came from this link!

I have really been focused on our summer schedule and was super pumped to find these Extreme Dot to Dot sets for the kids. They have LOVED them. Especially Kye and Britt who are a little tougher with that sort of thing (Tessie still just loves cheap coloring books!)

Speaking of summer I’ve also come up with a super quick and easy way to apply sunscreen on the kids and it’s ALL thanks to these rash guards!!!

rash guards

You Can Shop All My Orders Here:

Extreme Dot to Dot
Cute Kimonos
Reusable Straws
Baseball Hat
Phone Holder and Charger
Sebastian Hair Treatment
iPhone Screen Protector
The Mother In Law
Elderberry Syrup
Extreme Dot to Dot
Cute Kimonos
Reusable Straws
Baseball Hat
Phone Holder and Charger
Sebastian Hair Treatment
iPhone Screen Protector
The Mother In Law
Elderberry Syrup

There you have it! If you order anything from my post I’d LOVE to hear how you like your purchases!!!

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