The Best Fun and Unique Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

There is nothing more exciting than having a new baby in your family or friend circle to celebrate! If the new parents are not on Team Green, you may be invited to a baby gender reveal party to find out if they are having a baby boy or girl! Whether you are planning one for yourself or a friend, you can find some inspiration for unique and fun suggestions from this list of the best baby gender reveal party ideas!

Personal note: I was “team green” for all of my biological babies and it was THE best thing ever.

If you’re on the fence of whether or not to find out the baby’s sex – read this post about why you should consider waiting to find out the gender of the baby until birth 😉 

The Best Fun and Unique Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

How Do You Announce a Gender Reveal?

There are so many different ways to announce a baby gender reveal.

Whether you want to celebrate with colored smoke or confetti, reveal through color in a snack of your choice, or play an interactive game, there are gender reveal party ideas for every type of new parent. Which would you use?

Although gender testing may take place earlier in the first trimester, it is still highly recommended to delay sharing the news until the second trimester.

Couples may choose to announce their pregnancy at the same time as announcing the gender or have a separate pregnancy announcement and gender reveal! 

However you decide, a simple gender reveal, an epic baby gender reveal party, a more themed gender reveal event, or waiting until birth to find out – this is a special time and should be enjoyed however YOU want to celebrate!

Life is short and a new baby entering the world is a wonderful, beautiful reason to gather close friends and family and celebrate. 

Be sure to discuss baby names with your spouse prior to the event. People tend to have a LOT of opinions regarding baby names and to avoid any hurt feelings or frustrations we personally opted to wait until our babies were born before announcing their names.

If you’re open to suggestions a super cute baby gender reveal party idea is to have a jar at your event for people to put in their baby name ideas! You can read them allowed before revealing the gender, even if you opt to wait until the baby is born to share the name.

The Best Fun and Unique Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Note to consider: Unless you already know the gender of your baby and you are simply surprising others, you may have a designated person purchasing for you so you can be surprised!

Be sure when attending your ultrasound or blood test visit to have the results in a sealed envelope – no peeking!

When that special someone orders ensure they purchase items without color labels so that you don’t accidentally sneak the answer and, obviously, make sure they triple-check that they order the correct color!

The Best Fun and Unique Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Reveal Ideas That Involve Everyone

1. Confetti Popper: Hand out poppers and count down to the big reveal! Everyone can get in on this.

You can give everyone one that works or pass out duds and build suspense waiting on someone to use one that finally works and reveals the answer with either pink confetti or blue confetti!

Using confetti cannons is a creative idea to also involve an older sibling in the big reveal. 

2. Smoke Cannon: This is another crowd favorite for participation. Instead of confetti, you can reveal your new bundle of joy with colorful smoke!

Whether you pass out some of these smoke cannons among the crowd or you reserve it for you and your partner, the crowd will all be involved in the exciting plumes that will soon blow into the sky.

3. Silly String: Let your friends and family gather around and spray you with silly string that will reveal whether you are soon to have a son or daughter!

This is a favorite of little ones and can get really exciting. It’s an easy idea and the silly string is both affordable and easy to find at any local store – but can also be customized, like these, for a personal touch. 

4. Colored Bubbles: Streams of colored bubbles can make for the most adorable photo shoot! These tiny bubble wands are wonderful for involving small children and one of the best options for minimal cleanup afterward.

If your husband is like mine, he’ll appreciate this super fun way to reveal the baby’s gender without making a mess of the yard 😉

5. Balloon Darts: Have your guests take turns popping balloons one by one until someone hits the balloon that reveals the answer!

I’ve also seen it done where all the balloons get popped and then mom and dad reveal the giant balloon where they reveal boy or girl themselves. Theme ideas, like this one, that incorporate a bit of a competitive aspect add to the fun!

6. Scratchcards: This unique way can allow everyone to furiously scratch the answer away at the same time in a race to see who finds out first!

This scratchcard gender reveal idea is another option that would work well for shipping if you need to have a virtual video party with guests who are farther away so they can still participate at a later date.

A good idea would be to have a gender reveal party over Facetime to allow for a special moment when everyone scratches off their card at the same time. 

7. Scavenger Hunts: Set up an interactive scavenger hunt that will send your guests all over the place to find out the gender of your new baby.

This would be a great way to build the suspense and make some memories. Who doesn’t love party games?

8. Rubber Duck Bath Bombs: Set up a giant tub on a table and let this little duck do its magic! Pink or blue bath bombs reveal whether a little girl or boy is coming your way.

This would be a great way to have a big sibling find out the big news as well – you could even surprise them during their regular bathtime!

9. Gender Predictor Old Wives Tale Cards: Have the mother of the baby fill out her symptoms and cravings on an old wives’s tale card and guests can tally up the boy and girl markers.

They can guess what they think is right before you do the big reveal.

10. Nursery Reveal: If you can’t wait to start your nursery you can reveal your new baby’s room as a unique way to show off if you’re having a boy or girl!

Decorating it with a feminine or masculine theme, showing off some clothing in their wardrobe, or even ordering a sign for photos can let guests know right off the bat when they enter the room.

This is a special way to share the good news and gives you a bit of time to enjoy already knowing the gender prior to announcing it and this cute nursery sign would be perfect!

Need some nursery inspo? Here are the best gender neutral nursery ideas as well as Disney nursery ideas for your little one!

Gender Reveal Ideas That Involve Mom/Dad

11. Car Revving: If your guy is really into hotrods they will love showing off with this gender reveal! Ordering colored packets like these allows the exhaust to show if you are having a son or daughter.

This one can be fun for you to do while driving or for a guest to do so you can be outside the car to see.

12. Hit Baseball or Golf Ball: Sports fans will love this type of reveal! Whether you are into golf, baseball, or even use a soccer ball, you can utilize a ball game to let guests know if a little boy or girl is joining the family.

This is a popular gender reveal idea for a reason – it involves Dad and his interests in the exciting time and makes for a fun main event everyone enjoys watching!

Be sure to have everyone wear colors coordinating with their predictions. Team Blue and Team Pink! And be sure to purchase the pre-filled ball!

13. Balloon Drop: This one can be fun for mom, dad, and even siblings to have a bunch of balloons fall from the sky!

Standing under the bag as colored pink balloons or blue balloons fill the air can make for some epic photos. 

14. Giant Balloon: Personalized balloons make sweet touches to a creative gender reveal party.

Pop a giant balloon and watch as pink or blue fills the air showering you with the sweet knowledge about your newest family member!

15. Wardrobe Reveal: You can create a wardrobe reveal easily by picking out (or having the secret keeper pick out) clothing for your new daughter or son.

This is a sweet baby gender reveal party idea to show others and have fun doing some early bird shopping. You can also order wardrobes already styled for you and have fun opening them to be surprised yourself!

To go along with the clothing theme be sure to have party guests where blue colors if they think it’s a boy or pink colors if they think it’s a girl!

16. Fireworks: This one can be a tad dangerous and for sure in the creative ideas category but if done correctly can be a fabulous celebration!

This firework gender reveal would work perfectly for a summer announcement with the fourth of July – no sleep allowed for this fun and loud announcement!

17. Volcano: Do a science experiment to show off your new son or daughter with this erupting volcano.

There are several recipes to help you do this and this simple one is perfect for tiny helpers. Party guests can enjoy watching and learning the news as the volcano erupts!

Learn how to create this diy reveal here.

18. Dart Art: Similar to the balloon darts, but with pink paint or blue paint inside instead of confetti!

This dart art board would also make a cute keepsake for a nursery display or to roll up and save as a memento.

19. Egg Roulette: Hard boil eleven eggs and leave one uncooked. Then dye half of the eggs blue and half pink.

Take turns smashing eggs on each other’s forehead until you smash the uncooked one which reveals a boy or girl! This would make for a cute social media reveal too as a reel or tiktok video. 

Learn more about creating this idea here.

20. Outfit Reveal: There are so many ways to do this! You can both wear jackets or something to cover up and then reveal the color underneath.

You could open a present with one simple outfit or you could dress up a big sibling and have them reveal it that way.

Shop this idea here

I think this idea would also be so cute for a location reveal – I’ve seen many couples getting reveal photos taken at Disney World and holding out this onesie with the proper box checked would be so cute! 


Gender Reveal Ideas for Siblings

If you have older children it’s important to include them In the process of welcoming a new baby into your family.

The more involved they feel throughout the pregnancy and process, the easier the transition will be and the less likely they are to experience jealousy of their new little brother or little sister. 

These ideas could be used during a gender reveal party but could also be a fun way just to have a little gender reveal as a small family together! 

21. Play dough: Simply mix this play dough and the color will reveal whether the newest little sibling is a baby boy or a baby girl!

This interactive way will surely thrill big brothers or sisters. And is something that can be enjoyed over and over again!

22. Paint fight: A good old-fashioned paint fight is always fun for little ones. Whether they use paint guns or finger paint each other, this will be a great photo shoot to send out to share.

You could also fill water guns with paint and let them “shoot” each other or Mom and Dad for a cool gender reveal twist! 

Photo Credit

23. Going fishing: This adorable game sets up big brothers and sisters to go fish for their little brother or sister!

Place the fish in a big box attached to a pole and let the kids reel it in!

They will love posing for photos and then continuing to play while you share and celebrate with family and friends.


24. Toy car smoke: Let big brother or sister steal the show by showing off their toy car with this smoke blowout.

They can rev up their power wheel and drive away to have gender reveal smoke let everyone know if they’re having a little brother or sister. This is such a cute gender reveal idea!

25. Pinata: There are so many pinatas you could use to match your theme! Let your littles attack it to shower pink or blue confetti and surprise everyone.

If you get one of these at a party store they will be happy to set it up for your big day. Or you can order one like this one here!

Instead of confetti, you could also fill the pinata with blue candies or pink candies for the big surprise reveal baby news with the added bonus of a sweet treat 😉 


26. Light Saber: Creative ways for gender reveals are my fav and Star Wars fans will love using these to show off if they are having a sister or brother.

Simply buy the coordinating color light saber and let your littles turn them on once it’s dark to show off before playing.

We are a big Star Wars family so I love this unique gender announcement idea and love that the kids can keep the lightsabers to enjoy!


27. Involve the animals: If your fur baby is your “oldest child” then be sure to include them in the big moment.

Give your pup a safe chew toy with colored treats inside, bake a puppy cake with the big news, dress them up in colored collars and halters, or even dress them up in clothing.

If you have other children they can lead their pets to show them off or if you only have fur babies then let them be the star of the reveal. 

28. T-shirts: This simple reveal is still adorable! There are so many custom clothes options out there to choose from to match your theme and style.

I used a “big brother” shirt for my oldest son to wear when we announced our pregnancy with our second baby – while we didn’t know the gender, the shirt was a cute way to include him in the announcement!


29. Unwrap a present: Kids love opening presents! You can wrap up colored balloons that float out, a toy representing a brother or sister, or even a teddy bear wearing a shirt with the message.

The options are endless! We used this idea when we made the decision to adopt. We had our oldest open a gift with a “little brother” onesie inside! 


30. Dance Party: Turn on the music and let your kiddos dance it out to these revealing songs!

Songs for a sister might include My Girl and Run the World (Girls), while brother songs might include Let’s Hear It For the Boy and American Boy.

31. Squirt guns: If you are having a gender reveal party in the summer you might want to break out the squirt guns!

Wear white and have blue or pink water spray out to reveal a boy or girl in this fun and cooling idea. Have everyone wear all white and then go crazy! This idea makes for some super cute gender announcement photos.

Gender Reveal Food Ideas That are Treats to Eat

If ordering custom food items be sure to place the order from your shopping cart in plenty of time for them to ship before your baby gender reveal party!

32. Cake: There are so many different gender-reveal food ideas, but the first one to be thought of has to be the famous gender reveal cake!

Cut into a beautifully decorated cake and show the world what your newest little love will be either revealing blue candy or pink candy or another great idea is to use food coloring so the actual cake will either be blue or pink! Be sure to have ice cream on hand – ready to dig in 😉 

If you’re handy in the kitchen you may want to bake your own cake – check out this recipe

33. Cupcakes: This one can be passed out so everyone can bite at the same time if you wish. Biting into a cute cupcake to reveal colored frosting might be the sweetest way to reveal your new baby’s gender.

Photo Credit

34. Cake Pops: Bite into colorful cake pops to reveal pink or blue cake!

This yummy and popular way to show off your newest darling is a cute way to bring the surprise to work or for a smaller gathering. Bonus points for being a non-messy food item too 😉 

Photo Credit and Recipe

35. Cookies: These adorable cookies are perfect to reveal the little boy or girl or just to have out to enjoy.

Gender reveal parties can be the perfect excuse to go all out with snacks you don’t normally have. Like these adorably themed cookies!

Custom cookies can be made to reveal the gender, baby’s name, or just to add a fun theme touch to the party!

36. HERS-HEy bars: Who doesn’t love a good chocolate bar?

These colorful stickers can be used to decorate chocolate bar party favors or just use one or the other to reveal to individuals as you pass them out.

37. Chocolate Hearts:  A fun gender reveal idea is to break open chocolate hearts by biting into them or with tiny hammers to have colored candy explosions!

This could be fun to do with your partner in a more intimate setting or at tables at a bigger gender reveal party.

38. Mocktails: Colorful mocktails for the mama-to-be can be enjoyed by guests as they mingle at your party.

You can also get drink bombs to reveal your little boy or girl based on the color that appears.

39. Fortune cookies: Break open these fortune cookies to reveal the newest love of your life.

Cute sayings can be customized with personal quotes or even a piece of paper revealing your new baby’s name!

40. Donuts: Did you know Krispy Kreme can help you with your gender reveal? Call them up and you can order custom donuts that they will fill with blue or pink frosting.

Sounds like a delicious way to spread the news!

Photo Credit

41. Personalized M&M’s: This is another great favor to have out at your gender reveal party.

You could have them out on the food table as part of your decor or you could pick out the correct color and hide them in other goodies to spill out.

Chocolate candies are also a perfect way to send guests home with a sweet treat to enjoy after the party ends! M&Ms also make “it’s a girl” and “It’s a boy” options and has this entire shop dedicated to gender reveal chocolates!

Baby Gender Reveal Party Themes

There are so many cute themes for gender reveal parties! Whether you are into sports, or music, or have a theme for your nursery already, you can probably find one that fits your personal or family style.

42. Touchdowns or Tutus: This theme focuses on football players vs dancers or ballerinas.

It could be a fun way to have guests dress up to show what they think you are having and can easily be embraced with some fun games and music.

You can see more details about the Touchdowns or Tutus gender reveal party theme here!

43. Twinkle Twinkle: The “twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are” is a cute song and a theme common enough that you can find some cute decor!

Easily decorate with stars, grab a background banner, and your space will be ready for your party.

44. What Will Baby Bee: The bee theme has been pretty popular over the years and this includes gender reveal parties!

Sweet honeycomb, little bumblebees, and neutral yellows are the background for this adorable party theme.

45. Bows or Bowties: This theme has lots of party favors that are easy to grab such as wearable bows and bowties, stickers, and small signs people could grab to vote.

These lend to lots of photo opportunities before the big reveal.

46. Lashes or Mustaches: Have your party attendees join their team by wearing pink or blue for the party and even have games where each team plays against the other.

At the end of the games, you can reveal whether you are having a boy or girl and see who is correct!

I used a similar theme idea for a baby boy baby shower where we did a mustache theme! It was so cute and fun. Adding little mustaches onto cups could also be a cute idea for this gender reveal party! 

47. Family Team: When we decided to adopt we loved the idea of adding to our family team. My husband played football in college so for everything surrounding our adoption journey we used a football theming and even now, years later, refer to our family as “Team Parker.”

We had jerseys made for each member of our family team and our jersey number was our order in which we joined the family. We used this theme to announce our plans to adopt as well as announce that we’d be adopting a baby boy!

This theme could work so well for a baby gender reveal party idea too!


Looking for more gender reveal party ideas? This post covers Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas and many would also be so cute for a gender reveal party theme!

Do you Give Gifts for a Gender Reveal?

Although it is not typically expected to give gifts at a gender reveal, there are some wonderful gender-neutral gits for babies you could bring if you wish to!

Expecting parents always appreciate a small gesture or thoughtful gift.

Baby gender reveal parties are still a relatively new idea and there is not an offical gender reveal party etiquette. For a new mom and new dad just learning the gender of their baby is the perfect gift!

Gift giving at a gender reveal party is a personal choice and if you desire to do so there are a ton of great options and great ideas for gifts for the occasion.

Obviously, you don’t want to bring the expecting couple any gender-specific gifts but you could still bring a baby gift (sticking with a gender-neutral gift of course) or you could bring a gift for the expectant mother such as a pregnancy pillow, a plush robe, a spa basket or something she could use and enjoy during her pregnancy.

Books, changing pads, objects for monthly photo ops, baby memory book, blankets, lovies, and swaddles are all wonderful presents that babies and parents will love regardless of their gender.

And gift cards are always a blessing to expectant parents – there will be plenty of diapers being purchased in their future, no matter what the sex of their baby is!

Of course the best gift of all is not a physical present but is you being there for the couple as they prepare to welcome their new arrival. Offer support when the time comes and they will be forever grateful!

See this post for more of the best gender neutral gifts for baby!

These 45+ unique baby gender reveal party ideas will keep your friends and family on their toes as they learn if your little bundle will be a boy or girl!

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