32 Weeks…8 more to go!

Today I am officially starting my eighth month of pregnancy! Pre-pregnant life I thought people were pregnant for 9 months so I’d be pumped right now thinking it’s almost over! Don’t think so fast…the way the calculate all this junk now means I still have 8 weeks (2 months) left to go and I am STARTING my eighth month, the baby is born at the END of the 9th!

Anyways…Here are some of the latest belly pictures (taken this morning)

Here are the changes I’ve been noticing:

  • I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been sick this week but I wake up in the morning with really sore legs. Like I ran a marathon while sleeping or something. I’ve heard of the night leg cramps and I have woken up to some of these before but I’m not sure if that’s why they are sore in the mornings or not!
  • I can feel a lot of movement. I can distinguish between hiccups (which feel like a heartbeat to me) and kicks (which feel more like punches honestly)
  • I’ve gained 23 pounds as of this morning (27 if we’re going with the whole I-wanna-be-four-pounds-less-than-I-was-pre-pregnancy-thing).
  • My milk production is kicking into over-drive! I can touch my nipple and feel stuff! I’m even sometimes leaking through the sleep bra and my t-shirt. I’ve started wearing little cotton pads (thanks Mom for the great idea!) even at night!
  • Along with the upstairs leaking…the bottom pipes seem to be doing their share as well…I’ve been wearing panty liners pretty much since Day One of being pregnant but it’s gotten a lot worse lately. I’ve heard that it’s actually pee? Either way does it matter what it is? It’s coming out and it’s gross and that’s what matters to me! It especially happens right after I use the bathroom…it’s like leftovers or something!
  • I’ve had a lot less back pain which is nice and the headaches I started getting again a couple weeks ago seem to be gone (for now)
  • My bra is SUPER tight though (yes, the 38E is TIGHT). So I’ve order the next size up (yup…little me…a 38F) and am counting down until it gets here!

This morning we got back on track with the doctor’s appointment and had the 32 week check-up. We had the last ultrasound! After having the 4d one nothing can compare but here’s the best picture she took (sorry it’s a little crooked)

Not to brag, but we have the perfect baby! Heartbeat was 146 bpm, it’s weighing in at 4 lbs 7 oz, the head is already down and in the right positon (and thank GOD it “should” stay that way), and we were able to see a little bit of hair 🙂 They also calculated me being at 32 weeks and 2 days…so that is a due date of March 10th! Am I an awesome guesser or what b/c that’s my guess of the day Clover will be here!

Talked to Stacy (there isn’t an “e” I’ve been spelling it wrong this whole time) and she said they can’t tell if the baby has dropped or not. She also told me that she’ll give me her cell number when I get close so that way I can call her once I’m in labor since I want to stay home as long as possible. She said if it’s during business hours that I can come in and she’ll measure me to decide when is a good time to go to the hospital but that if it’s after hours she’ll talk me through when to go over the phone. She’s awesome!

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  1. Anonymous
    January 15, 2009 / 6:43 pm

    Everything sounds great! Sounds exactly like me, so hopefully it will go well and be a girl!! hahahahaha! Well except for the weight gaining part I had gained a lot more than you had at this point!Rach

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