17 Months Waiting (AKA The Month We Met Mama E)

This post covers August 30th through September 29th…our 17th month into this process and a very special month 🙂 Please visit our Adoption Page to catch up on our journey! Thanks again to Lemon Treehouse… View Post

32 Weeks Pregnant and Last Ultrasound Visit!

Now entering my 8th month of pregnancy!!! AHHHHHH!!!! Don’t forget to enter in the BABY POOL! Start making those guesses and predictions 🙂 Baby Growth: This week Leo is roughly 3.75 bs (size of a jimaca?) and… View Post

Leo in 4D {Round 2}

A few weeks ago we visited The Bump to see Leo in 3D/4D (I don’t get which is which?). You can look back at those images here! Soon after I posted that blog post I… View Post

Leo’s 4D Ultrasound!

This evening we had Leo’s 4D ultrasound! I really debated about when to schedule this one…for Kye’s we did it at around 27 weeks and Britt’s was around 29 weeks. I didn’t like how Britt’s… View Post

18 Week OBGYN Visit and Ultrasound!

This was a BIG appointment this morning! I’m thankful we had Disney last week because I really didn’t start to think about today’s appointment until the end of our trip. And once I did start… View Post