14 Week OBGYN Visit

Man! Not getting an early ultrasound makes these heartbeat appointments so much more exciting. Last time around since I got to see Kye so early on, the heartbeat stuff wasn’t really that awesome. I mean… View Post

One Day Shy Of 39 Weeks

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant! I usually don’t take pictures of my tummy every week but this week you can really tell a difference. If you compare these to the ones taken last… View Post

First “Internal” Exam

This morning I had my first weekly exam. After the interesting stuff I went through on Monday after Walmart, I was pretty curious to see what Stacy would say! Since Monday night I have still… View Post

34 weeks only 6 to go!

I can’t believe that in six weeks I’ll be a MOM! It’s so exciting! What is even crazier is that sometime during this week while Courtney was pregnant that she delivered Colt. It’s hard to… View Post

32 Weeks…8 more to go!

Today I am officially starting my eighth month of pregnancy! Pre-pregnant life I thought people were pregnant for 9 months so I’d be pumped right now thinking it’s almost over! Don’t think so fast…the way… View Post