Week 14 Summary

I’m still waiting for the week to come when there isn’t something to say! Maybe kids never stop having interesting weeks? It seems like stuff is ALWAYS changing!!! Doesn’t he look so much older? Turns… View Post

Summary of Week 13

Here’s an update on what’s new during Kye’s 13th week of life (making him 13 weeks old today!) Not much new, but some cute pics! I took this after nursing him in Brunswick…see how FAT… View Post

Week 12 Summary

Week Change Ok, so I’m an idiot. But I also think this whole age thing is confusing as crap! When we are born we are in our 1st year but then we turn 1 year… View Post

My Motivation

We all know the saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Well, I think whoever originally said this quote was talking about a woman’s body before a baby vs. after a baby!!!… View Post

Week Six Summary

I’ve been following the Babywise Blog that I mentioned in an earlier post and something I like that she does is a weekly report on how her baby is doing. I think this is a… View Post