My Favorite Breastfeeding Supplies!

My favorite gifts to give to new or expecting mothers are things they may not have known to register for. When people get married, I buy from the registry. But for babies? You legit don’t… View Post

Last of the Breast Milk

Yesterday I got down to only 10 oz left of breast milk! I made it all in one bottle and Kye got the last breast milk he’ll ever taste (at least from my breasts anyways!)… View Post

Beginning the Weaning Process

Warning: I am discussing my feelings in this post and am not trying to offend anyone. However, this is my blog and my opinions and I want to be honest about them! When I first… View Post

Milk Supply Issues

Who would have ever thought that with my mega milk supply that I’d have to worry about not having enough!!! I have always had WAY too much!!! Well I’ve been experiencing what the rest of… View Post

Two Month Dr. Visit

This morning was Kye’s 2 month well visit to Dr. Griner’s office. It was also the day I’ve been dreading…shots! We waited for a time when Zach would be able to go because I am… View Post