6 Week Postpartum Check-Up

I’m not sure if all obs/hospitals work this way but when I had Tess they told me at the hospital to make sure I scheduled my 6 week postpartum visit. 1st baby? I’m sure I… View Post

39 Week OBGYN Visit

I just got home from my last visit with Stacy. She is having her baby this Friday so today was our last chance to talk and for her to see me before she is gone… View Post

38 Week OBGYN Visit

First, I want to say a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who has prayed for our family and specifically for Mr. Rusty! He called yesterday and the pathology report was finished and: NO… View Post

1 Day Shy of 38 Weeks OBGYN Appointment

Since I just had an appointment on Friday, at 37 weeks, I’m not sure if I should still consider this morning’s appointment as my week 37 one or go ahead and call it the week… View Post

37 Week OBGYN Visit

In order to fill y’all in about my visit this morning…I first have to fill you in about my day yesterday! This week hasn’t been an overly crazy week. I’ve felt pretty good, overall. Some… View Post