Valentine’s Day 2021

Our Valentine’s Day celebrations from 2021.

Every year we have set family traditions for how we celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year we got things rolling WAY early because we had our Key West trip over the school break in February which also fell over actual Valentine’s Day.

We did our kid-dates in January to make sure we had the time to do them since Kye’s archery took up a lot of the weekends in Feb.

The girls LOVE their date night with Daddy. Britt said it’s her favorite night of the year. They choose a fancy dress to wear and I set aside time to do their hair (and add a little tiny makeup if they want to too). Britt also wore one of her special necklaces for the occasion.

I used this hair waver on her hair and I love the curl it gives her! My beautiful girl!

Tess is VERY into fashion and didn’t want ANY help in choosing her look for the evening. I love how different she and Britt are. Britt wanted a bit of blush for makeup but Tess wanted her lips. Britt wanted waves, Tess wanted her hair super straight. They may have their different preferences but they both looked beautiful πŸ™‚

I love their special bond

Zach always gets dressed up too and I think his excitement makes the evening even more special. This has been a tradition since Britt was a baby πŸ™‚

The last few years they have gone to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and it’s kinda become “their place.” Britt LOVES the bread and Tess LOVES the peanuts πŸ™‚

They then hit up The Mix after for some frozen yogurt dessert together and had so much fun!

Katie introduced me to this AMAZING new Italian restaurant near us and it’s AMAZING! Zach and I finally went together and he agreed – best Italian food he’s ever had and it was so great and such a fun date night together!

Zach always takes the girls on a date night and I always have a date night with Kye! We have always done the girls together and Kye and Spear separate.

However, I actually think we should start doing the girls separately too. They love being together but there is just something special about that one on one time ya know? I think next year Spear will be old enough to enjoy a full dinner with Mommy and that Zach and I should each separate the kids for their special dates. Zach and Britt, Zach and Tess, Me and Kye, Me and Spear. πŸ™‚

We decided on Longhorn and our days of kids meals are def done as Kye wanted to order ribs! He’s def not a cheap date as I let him get a soda too and that junk is expensive!!!

We nerded out at dinner and discussed him getting started in investments so he can retire a millionaire πŸ˜‰ I love our talks together and enjoy that quality time just us.

This year we had Spear go out to get dessert with us so he could be “part of” the fun! Since fast food places are still closed for indoor dining I felt like the dessert with me and Kye would be a special outing for Spear and I was right. He was SO PUMPED and the whole drive he kept chanting “date date date!” You can tell how proud and excited he was to be included!

Kye is quickly catching me in height – he’s 4’9″ and I’m 5’1″

We went to get snowcones and it was SO fun. Spear said he wanted a “brown one” and you can just see his precious proud big boy smile πŸ™‚ Kye LOVED having him with us and it was just the right amount of time to be a FUN outing without Spear getting too wild and rambunctious or bored. It was nice that we didn’t have a long wait and could quickly ENJOY the treats together! I’m one blessed mama to call these babies mine!

Mr. Rusty goes on a father-daughter date night with his girls every year and last year he invited me to come along too. It means so much to me that he thinks about including me and invites me to come and it was such a great night out together!

I enjoyed getting to catch up with Courtney and Casey but especially enjoy the opportunity to get to know Mr. Rusty a bit more too. So often in family settings, we gather more towards the same-sex to chat and it’s nice to get some quality time with him!

We had our family Valentine’s Day celebration night a few nights prior to actual Valentine’s Day since we’d be traveling over the holiday.

Every year our tradition is to put out our Valentine’s Day Box and then spend the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day filling the box with notes and gifts for each other. We busted out our V-Day themed attire and divided up the box contents.

Kye wrote each person a POEM. SO SWEET. And the girls went above and beyond making multiple cards for each person. I love how thoughtful the kids are and how much they just love our family unit! Fostering those bonds is so important to me!

I think having a holiday like this is so nice too because it forces the kids TO focus on those positive qualities about each other. Britt was SO HAPPY hearing Kye read his poem to her. She was BEAMING. I think she needs those words of affirmation from him the most because she adores him and he tends to be easily annoyed by her haha!

Tess made an ENTIRE BOOK for Britt which was also so, so sweet. It was a story about an adventure they took together and at the end LOVE was the best treasure they found. Precious!!!

They each had a few gifts to open along with some candy and such too which was great timing with our trip to take with us for the long car ride!

This year was probably my favorite Valentine’s Day year yet! I loved getting to celebrate with everyone and, most of all, loved seeing my babies love on EACH OTHER so much πŸ™‚

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