Valentine’s Day 2021

Our Valentine’s Day celebrations from 2021. Every year we have set family traditions for how we celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year we got things rolling WAY early because we had our Key West trip over… View Post

Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020 We keep things pretty simple for Valentine’s Day (you can see how we do family holiday traditions here). This year Valentine’s Day was a bit different because Zach and Kye headed out… View Post

Valentine’s Day 2017

We have a few smaller Valentine’s Day traditions. I don’t do a lot for it as a holiday because it feels like we just got done with Christmas am I right? I like that V-Day is a… View Post

Valentine’s Date Nights!

Our town goes ALL OUT for a Father Daughter Dance each year. It’s really cute seeing all the little girls dressed up fancy going out with their dads. However, it’s just NOT Zach’s thing. At… View Post

Father Daughter(s) Night

Our town does a Father Daughter Dance every year around Valentine’s Day. When I first heard about this I was hardcore about Zach taking Britt and future daughters. Growing up my dad traveled a lot for… View Post