Spear 2 Year Well Visit and Britt 8 Year Well Visit

Spear 2 Year Well Visit and Britt 8 Year Well Visit

Spear and Britt did not have their well checks on the same day but since both of their appointments were very simple and basic I’m combing them into one post.

I am really trying to get all of my kids appointments as close to their actual birthdays as possible.

It annoyed me a bit because they had to move Spear’s appointment b/c it hadn’t been long enough between shots.

However, they were GREAT at working us in and it worked out where Zach could even meet us for the shot portion of the visit!

We had his check-up on December 4th and did have a bit of a wait to get back since they had to squeeze us in.

Spear did great making friends with everyone in the waiting room and I met a fellow adoptive mom.

We got to chatting and she also has a bio child. I asked her if she noticed anything different about the siblings, raising one bio one adopted etc and she said the only thing she really noticed was that her bio child always clung to her and the one they adopted has a stronger bond with Daddy.

SAME HERE. Spear is obsessed with Zach! I find that super interesting and wonder if it’s a “thing”?

Spear got to stand up on the scale and did a great job with it!

He still had to lay down to measure height though which surprised me and I’m pretty sure it’s not super accurate either.

At home when we measured on our doorframe he’s taller than Britt was at this age…but based on their measurements he’s the same height as Tess who was almost 3 inches shorter than Britt?

Here are Spear’s stats at 2 years old: 34.5 inches tall (49th percentile), 28 lbs (50th percentile) and head circumference is 18.6 (15th percentile)

To compare to his 18 month stats: 32.75 inches long (51st percentile). He weighs 24.6 lbs (26th percentile). His head is 18.3 inches around (23rd percentile)

At Tess’s 2 year well check her stats were: 24 lbs 8 oz (23rd percentile), 34.25 inches tall (50th percentile) and 18.37 head circumference (25th percentile)

Britt’s at 2 were: 25 lbs (25th percentile), 36 inches tall (90th percentile) and head was 17 and 7/8s inches (5th percentile)

And Kye’s stats at 2 were: 28. 5 lbs (75th percentile), 35 inches tall (75th percentile), and head was 19 inches (75th percentile)

Spear did great for his visit and Zach had to rush to work so we breezed through everything super fast.

I didn’t have any concerns, his hemoglobin looked good (he had to do iron after one appointment so I do pay more attention to that now) and he’s healthy as can be!

He got his shots like a champ and we were out of there and he still went to school for a couple hours that morning too!

Britt’s appointment was on December 27th and they tried to get me to move it due to being understaffed after the holidays…but their next appointment wasn’t until Feb.

I’m not waiting that long! I really, really am trying to keep their visits as close to their birthdays as I can!

So we knew going in for her visit that we’d do a lot of waiting and were okay with that!

It was some good quality mommy and Britt time 😉

She had her vision and hearing tests.

After her glasses situation I was a bit interested in the vision portion but she passed.

She did squint some and struggle a little so I will probably plan to have her go get another eye exam each year just to stay on top of it.

Britt’s stats at 8 years old are: 51.5 inches tall (75th percentile), 54 lbs (35th percentile)

They said she grew 2.25 inches since February and 4 ½ inches since Feb 2018! Girl is growing quick!

They also said she’s gained 12 lbs. Which they said “we’re not worried about” and I kinda laughed because look at her – she’s PURE MUSCLE.

So nope, not worried at all about that weight gain 😉

Compared to her 7 year old stats (which were in Feb): Britt is 49.25 inches tall (in the 75th percentile) and she weighs 50 pounds (50th percentile)

And compared to Kye at 8: 50.25 inches tall (50th percentile) and 59 lbs (51st percentile). His BMI is in the 60th percentile at 16.59 and his blood pressure was 96/56.

Much like Spear’s visit it was very in and out once we saw someone!

They did a scoliosis check which I held my breath about just after Kye’s back/leg stuff.

But she looked great! No shots needed either at this visit.

Healthy girl!

She had a Smallcakes gift card so we stopped by on the way home for a little treat after we’d had such a long wait 🙂

As always I’m so thankful for healthy children 🙂 I never take that blessing for granted.

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