Kye’s 2 Year Well-Visit

Kye’s 2 year old well visit was on March 21st at 9:45 in the morning. Monday mornings are SUCH a good time for dr. appointments. We had a little longer wait than last time but not too bad. Since the day we found out our baby was a boy (which would be the day he was born, remember?) Zach has been looking forward to/dreading this doctor’s appointment. It’s “THE” appointment where you can guesstimate how tall your child will be as an adult. Supposedly you double their height when they are two and that’s how tall they will be. Being that Zach is almost 6’6″ and I’m barely 5’2″, he has legit reason to be worried. We could have a shorty on our hands pretty easily!!!

I bought Kye some silly band things for his present from my trip to Atlanta and he LOVES them! Great dr office distraction ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr. Griner actually saw us for the visit and he was nice, as always. I am pretty much always impressed with everyone up at his office! We talked about the normal things – how he’s eating, developmental milestones, etc. I didn’t have many concerns but the ones I did have we cleared up right away:

  • After having the flu it’s seemed like Kye hasn’t been 100% healthy. He’ll still occasionally have a (clear) runny nose and some coughing. Dr. Griner said not to worry. We live in South Georgia and EVERYONE has allergies this time of the year. Zach has ’em pretty rough (I don’t at ALL! Lucky me!) so it’s not surprising that Kye would have a touch of it too. He said we can give him allergy medicine if it seems to be bothering him, but it doesn’t so we don’t. I’m not a big fan of medicating for no reason ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I heard at 2 years old we are supposed to switch our kids to 2% milk so I asked about that and he said it’s a personal choice but that either are fine. 2% is lower in fat but Kye doesn’t have any weight issues so it’s not a big deal. We just buy whichever one has the farthest away expiration date! I’ve weaned him down to where he’s only getting 8-16 oz of milk a day anyway so it’s not going to make a major change in his diet (he only gets milk with breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Kye’s bottom teeth have ALWAYS been pretty discolored looking and it BUGS me. We brush ’em like crazy and even floss but they stay the same. I’ve asked about it before but I wanted to ask again as I didn’t know if we needed to see a dentist. Dr. Griner said they are normal, healthy teeth and that the discoloration is most likely from having a fever when they broke through and there’s nothing we can do about it but that most likely his permanent ones will be fine.
  • I’ve also heard from other moms that you “have” to have your kid drinking from a straw-type sippy cup at this age. I LOVE my take and toss cups and don’t really want to invest in all new cups if it’s not needed. Dr. Griner said it doesn’t make a difference and is fine either way. Kye can drink from a straw and does whenever we eat out – but he doesn’t have to!
  • I had the dr check and see if he’s getting any of his 2 year molars yet – NOPE. Dreading that day for sure!!!
  • He was glad to hear that Kye is potty trained, done with the paci, and preparing to move to a big boy bed. Those are all important milestones you want your child to reach before age 3. We have plenty of time but I like being ahead of the game when it’s in my control ๐Ÿ™‚

During his exam Kye was AMAZING. He really enjoyed it! Is that even possible??? He opened his eyes and mouth and let the dr check wherever he wanted to like a champ! He had to get his toe pricked to check his hemoglobin and he LAUGHED during it and thought it was funny. No joke! He also had his fifth PCV shot and second Hepatitis A.

His hemoglobin test came back at a 13 (anything over 10 is good!) and that made me feel proud as it’s basically an iron test which directly relates to their diet. Hearing that his diet is on track means I’m doing what I’m supposed to be in that department ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr. Griner made me feel SO good as he told us that we are so lucky to have an on-target, perfect, healthy child! It’s not every day you get to hear that so it was enough to leave a smile on my face for a few days for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are Kye’s stats for his 2 year check-up. We don’t have to go back until he’s THREE!!! He’s in the 75th percentile for everything (as usual): 28.5 lb (he actually weighed 27.5 at the appointment but since I’d been to the wellness clinic a couple weeks prior and he weighed 28.5 lb then the dr. just said to go with that, 35 inches tall, and head circumference was 19 (I think anyway…can’t really remember!).

Based on his height now…Kye will be at least 5’10”. Anything under 6′ is a little tough to swallow for both of us simply b/c Zach would LOVE for Kye to be even taller than he is (since he’s taller than his dad, who is taller than his dad, etc). I’ve always been attracted to tall guys so of course I want my son to be tall as well!

I’m not overly worried about it b/c 1) you can’t change it anyway 2) Zach had a HUGE growth spurt in high school and before then everyone thought he was going to be short 3) My dad is 5’9″ and my mom is like 5’4″ but my brother is right at 6′. The doctor said he personally thinks Kye will be at least 6′ but I also think he knew that’s what we wanted to hear haha. 5’10” or 6″6″ it doesn’t really matter…at least we know he won’t be 5’1″ like his mama right?!?!

I was SO proud of Kye’s excellent behavior at his appointment and proud of Zach and I as parents. Of course Kye being healthy is really thanks to God but we play a role in the too by providing him with an environment to be healthy and to develop those important milestones!

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