New House Lighting

One of the most important things to me in the new house is lighting. I really, really like the lighting we have in our current house (Mom’s house…our old house…you know what I mean). It… View Post

Cabinets and Counter-tops

On Friday, Oct 15th, the day I was most nervous about had arrived! We had to be at the cabinet and counter-top place at 7:30 in the morning so Kye spent the night with Big… View Post

Our New Home So Far…

I know everyone is ready for a house update and after my venting post yesterday you deserve it 😉 So here is a time line of what’s happened so far on the new house! (and… View Post

Welcome Home Gramma!

As you all know, life around our house the past couple of months has been pretty insane. It’s not only been crazy for our little family of three but it’s been nuts for Mom as… View Post

Shutter Choices

Okay faithful readers! Here comes the part of the building process that we could use a little help in making a decision: shutters. I’m not a huge fan of shutters so that makes picking some… View Post