New House Plants

I met with the landscape guy at the house and they are starting landscaping on Monday. Included in our deal with Steve for the house is only a certain amount of plants and such. His… View Post

Are you ready for some COLOR?!?

I’ve been SO excited to show all of you our colors for the new house but wanted to wait until the paint was on the walls…and now it is 🙂 Here’s a reminder of our… View Post


Zach and I had really liked the doorknobs we had chosen way back when we picked out doors and windows. However, that place wasn’t the actual place that we were supposed to pick doorknobs from… View Post

New House Flooring

After the appliance place I had to drive out to Nashville to meet with the flooring lady. By that point I was pretty much over it all and I basically told her my same spill… View Post

New House Appliances

After picking out lighting I had to hurry and leave the house so I could meet up with the appliance guy (we’re using Green Appliances out of Valdosta). He had a costumer in his office… View Post