Welcome Home Gramma!

As you all know, life around our house the past couple of months has been pretty insane. It’s not only been crazy for our little family of three but it’s been nuts for Mom as well! The day we got back from Jamaica mom was actually coming to Valdosta for “good” (she had an Aflac training class the next day then that weekend she and Zach went to Melbourne to officially move her up here!). Before leaving for the Big Canoe/Wedding/Jamaica trip Kye and I worked hard to make Mom some welcome signs for her when she arrived (we had some girls watching the house for us while we were gone so they hung them for us on the day of Mom’s arrival since we were in Jamaica – I know confusing!). Kye and I made a HUGE sign for the garage that said “Welcome Home Gramma” then we did a smaller sign for the front door that read “Gramma’s House.” Cute huh? Growing up Mom always did big garage signs for us on our birthdays or other big events so I was pretty pumped to do something special for her!

Here are some pics of Kye working hard for his Gramma

 He took it very seriously

 He would match the color I wrote with to the color he used for coloring, pretty impressive?

Obviously we weren’t home when Mom got to the house and saw our posters but I heard that she LOVED them and actually shed many tears of excitment and joy to be able to finally live out her dream of being close to her grandson. I’m glad we were able to make her feel welcome and loved during such a big adjustment time in her life.

As I said earlier, Zach and Mom headed down to Melbourne that weekend to load her up and move her out! The original plan was for Kye and I to go along (as I REALLY wanted one last trip to Bagel World haha) but it just didn’t make sense. A toddler with a schedule and moving just don’t mix. So we stayed home (and grocery shopped…what a joy) and waited for them to come home to help unpack!

Time to move in!

 a full truck 🙂

Kye really enjoyed helping. He went up and down the ramp of the truck 100 times. One nice thing about having a toddler? I was SO busy watching him (and making sure he didn’t break his neck) that I couldn’t really help move much. I didn’t mind 😉 Gramma had fun unloading the toys from her house and Kye enjoyed testing them out to make sure they still worked in Valdosta!

playing with one of Uncle Brandon’s old toys

 trying to ride it

 after many falls from the Tonka, this helmet came in handy

 SO excited to have Gramma here!!!!

As you know our house is now Mom’s house! She was sweet enough to let us live with her until our new house is finished being built (before Christmas? I hope!!!) and she decided to let us stay in our bedroom and she’s staying in the guest bedroom for now. We brought a TON of her furniture inside (I need to get a picture of the crazy crowded living room…2 couches and 2 big chairs AND a piano..it’s a sight to see for sure!) but had to store a lot of it in the garage too. It’s pretty crazy around here but we’re all together and having fun and isn’t that what it’s all about? Love and memories! It’s worth the hassle every time! 😉

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