Shutter Choices

Okay faithful readers! Here comes the part of the building process that we could use a little help in making a decision: shutters. I’m not a huge fan of shutters so that makes picking some even tougher. Here is a reminder of what our new home will look like:

We WILL be having vertical siding like the picture shows but our vertical siding will be very thick. I love it and how “beachy” it looks! Remember that the windows themselves will be clear glass, without any panes. Now with those visions in mind look at the following shutter choices and let me know what you think would look best! Ignore all the colors of the shutters as right now color doesn’t matter, we’ll get to that soon enough 🙂

1. louvered style: this one is pretty common, I wonder how the horizontal lines would look next to the vertical ones? These are actually the shutters we have now and they get dirty pretty easily and are kinda hard to clean off. Do they look a little country-style to you, or am I just over worried about our house being country-fied?

2. raised panel style: These are what I picture in my head when someone says “shutters.” Maybe they were the style we had in my childhood home? Not really sure. I do think they’d look pretty good with the vertical siding though, don’t you?

3. louver-panel style: This is a combo of the two above and I kinda like it. I haven’t ever noticed it before on a house (although I have to admit I’m not one to really notice shutters!) so it’s pretty unique…and I guess it could look beachy?

4. board and batten joined: This style is VERY popular in our neighborhood and it seems like all the houses with vertical siding have either this one or the next one. I feel like this particular style could be beachy looking depending on the color, but it also looks country to me. I could see this one being our choice simply because I can look at other houses and have an idea about how this will look on ours.

5. board and batten spaced: Not really sure why I’m even bothering to give you guys this one as an option. I don’t like it. The one above is livable but to me this one just SCREAMS “lets-go-play-in-some-hay”

Is it obvious why we need help?!? I don’t LOVE any of the choices in our price range and shutters are kinda important as I do think they can add to or take away from the look of your home. I can’t WAIT to hear what you guys think and hopefully it’ll help us make a decision on this 🙂 So which number should we choose?

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  1. Waseem200846
    May 17, 2012 / 7:49 am

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