First Round of House Choices

FINALLY we’re getting started on our HOUSE! I feel like there is so much other stuff going on right now that I’m not really able to be as excited as I should be about building.… View Post

Gramma’s House

It’s official! As of this morning at about 8:30 our little family is homeless and I’ve never been more thrilled 🙂 We had the closing to officially switch over our house into my mom’s name!… View Post

God’s AWESOME Plan!

Unless you’ve been living under a blogging rock then you should know by now our struggles these past few months over our house (if not, you can read about it here, here and here and… View Post

Emily Luck

Growing up I always considered myself to have BAD luck but as I’ve become an adult and Christian and realize all the blessings I have in my life I now know that I don’t have… View Post

House Plans

I am BEYOND excited to show all my blog buddies the plans for our future home! Zach and I have been praying so much about this situation. We are firm believers in giving to GOD… View Post