Uncommon Doorstops Save the Day!

Whenever I’m pregnant Zach and I always put together a list of things to do around the house prior to the baby’s birth. We know that a new baby means a lot of household stuff… View Post

House Improvements

I’m a big believer in that our home will never be “finished.” We will always be doing little things here and there to improve it, update it, and make it better and better! Zach has… View Post

Kye’s New House

The great thing about building a home in the same neighborhood we were living in is that Kye got to be part of the entire process. I was hopeful that all the time he spent… View Post

Moving Day

Dec 30th was the BIG move. I had been mentally counting down for that day. I was tired of living in a million boxes. Tired of taking load after load to the new house. Tired… View Post


Here’s the latest progress on the house! Everyday a little more gets done so it’s even closer to being completed when you read this than these pictures reflect 🙂 making it official on Nov 6th… View Post