New House Plants

I met with the landscape guy at the house and they are starting landscaping on Monday.

Included in our deal with Steve for the house is only a certain amount of plants and such.

His allowance actually only covered the front yard 🙁

We’re having to pay for the grass and irrigation in the back so we decided that, for now, we will only have plants in the front yard.

I mean all that matters is how good it looks from the road right?

The landscape guy, Dale, is super nice and I explained to him that neither Zach or I know a thing about plants and that Zach doesn’t like anything high maintenance and I don’t like anything that dies easily.

I had him just pick out what he thinks we should use for the front yard.

He gave me a list so I could Google them and see what they look like.

Here’s what we plan to use, but we have until Monday to make changes so if any of you have more plant knowledge PLEASE let me know your thoughts!!!

Little Gem Magnolia Tree (we get 1 15 gallon size)

 Crepe Myrtle (1 at 15 gallon size, turkey not included haha)

 Tea Olive (2 at the 3 gallon size)

 Indian Hawthorne (4 at the 3 gallon size)

He included 5 Ruby Locoputalums, 3 gallons each but when I googled them I didn’t really like the idea of having all that pink.

I love that all the other blooms are white and I think pink just won’t flow as well and I knew Zach wouldn’t like it either.

So I called him and got a plan b option and we’re going to do August Beauty Gardinas with white blooms (still going to have 5 of them at 3 gallons each)

The original plan was to have 7 1 gallon sized Evergreen Giant Liriopes to finish up with the plants but I knew Zach wouldn’t like these either.

We have them now and while they are pretty, we don’t upkeep the yard enough to keep them looking as good as they should.

We need something that looks good on it’s own!

Now we’ll have 7 yellow daylillies (1 gallon size each) and I think the yellow will look really pretty with all the white don’t you???


I’m not going to lie and say I’m excited about any of these plants.

I don’t care about plants one bit. As long as they can live and aren’t ugly I’m fine with it!

Most of all right now though all I care about is that they get in the ground so we can MOVE IN!!!

I’d LOVE some feedback 🙂 

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  1. Susan Porcher
    April 26, 2020 / 1:14 am

    We have 8 or 9 little gem magnolias left over from the former owner. They weren’t trimmed or fertilized and adjacent maturing trees affected their growth habit making them leggy and unattractive. I’ve been trying for 5 years to work with them and I’ve decided to cut them all back and see if they will “Start from scratch.” I wish you well but I believe them to be finicky and fussy, needing a lot of attention. Best of luck.

    Susan Porcher

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