Flashback Friday: “Published Author”

Did you know I’m a legit published author? Yup it’s true!!! And it’s a great topic for a Flashback Friday post!!!   My mom always did a great job reading to us when we were… View Post

Flashback Friday: Beachin’ It!!!

Zach and I haven’t been on a lazy, relaxing vacation in awhile. We are going to be celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary at a resort in Cozumel, Mexico! We have been looking SO forward to… View Post

The Real World: My {Almost} Claim to Fame

The Real World: My {Almost} Claim To Fame Did you know I was almost famous?!?! Yup. It’s true. Instead of being a housewife and mommy blogger I could be living a TOTALLY different life right now! … View Post

Flashback Friday: Bridal Photos

Remember back in the day when parents would have a HUGE framed picture of their daughter in her wedding dress hanging in their house? Remember when you’d go to weddings and see that large picture… View Post

Flashback Friday: Daddy Obsessed

As I am preparing for surgery I have been going through my “drafts” on the blog and found some a post from 2010 that I never posted! Perfect timing for a Flashback Friday 🙂 This… View Post