Flashback Friday: Baby Zach

Since I got all the baby attention last week I thought it’d be fun to upload Zach’s baby pictures! With mine the general consensuses was that Kye looked NOTHING like me but that Britt and… View Post

Flashback Friday: Baby Emily

This week is another computer struggling week…I’m PUMPED to hook up my new computer (keyboard arrived today which was the last missing piece!) and should be able to upload pictures/videos/etc a LOT faster!!! YAY!!!! Since… View Post

Flashback Friday: Celebrity Crushes!

So sorry for the lack of posting last Friday…I ended up going Black Friday shopping for the first time ever and wasn’t able to do a post 😉 I’m back now though!!! This week I… View Post

Flashback Friday: Miss Central Pageants

I’m starting to get in a good groove with this whole Flashback Friday thing. I am organizing all my old pictures as I go and I LOVE that now they will be forever stored on… View Post

Flashback Friday: My Birthdays!

My birthday was yesterday! I’m now 28 years old (gotta enjoy my last two years before hitting 30, right???). Part of my birthday I spent going through old pictures and reliving my birthdays of the… View Post