Flashback Friday: FSU

When I think about my college career the first thing I think of is Zach. I mean he pretty much WAS what my college days were all about. We met in January of 2004 which… View Post

Flashback Friday: A Tribute to Corey Smith

I had another Flashback Friday post planned for this week but then I got a message on FB from a friend asking me about this video. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this and with this… View Post

Flashback Friday: Then and Now

Last week I did a Flashback Friday post from my Senior Scrapbook, and this week I’m doing another one 😉 Another assignment for our scrapbooks was to do a comparision of ourselves from 9th grade… View Post

Flashback Friday: 10 Year Reunion

It has arrived!!!! This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion! I’m excited to see some friends and especially to show off the hubby 😉 With the rough stuff we’ve been dealing with the… View Post

Flashback Friday: Six Flags

Writing my posts about our recent Disney trip got me thinking about my hatred of roller coasters. I’m SUPER lame when it comes to theme parks. I admit it, I accept it, and I’m okay… View Post