Flashback Friday: Car Accidents

Recently we have had a bit of car issues in our house. First I busted my side mirror on the garage door then remember about a month or so ago when Zach wrecked my car?  Well… View Post

Flashback Friday: Valdosta Engagements

I never really think that yall are that into the whole flashback friday thing but when I don’t do them I get several people asking about when I’m going to do another one 😉 So… View Post

Flashback Friday: My “Apartment”

I know I’ve mentioned my “apartment” in passing before and some of yall have asked me to share more about what the heck I was talking about so I figured this little topic would make… View Post

Our Beach Engagement Photos

Our beach engagement photos Ready for some more of our amazing engagement session with Javon Longieliere??? Here we go!!! After all the fun going around St. Augustine taking pictures, we were sweaty, hot and ready… View Post

Flashback Friday: High School Graduation

Soooo. I’m ticked! I paid to have a year subscription to Linky Tools for my Flashback Friday posts and now I can’t even get their website to load…does anyone have any clue how to fix… View Post