Milk Issue Solved

Everyone knows by now that breastfeeding has been a rocky road for me. Before going to Paris I took more antibiotic for yeast and Kye also took medicine that ended while we were gone. Since… View Post

Traveling Tales of a Nursing Mother

Traveling Tales of a Nursing Mother We traveled to Paris when Kye was 6 weeks old. You can read about part 1 of our trip here and part 2 here! Before leaving for Paris I… View Post

Postpartum Issues! STILL

It’s like my body said, “Well you are 4 weeks postpartum and you haven’t had many issues so let’s load you up with some!” I stopped having a lot of bleeding a couple weeks ago… View Post

A little progress!

I had such a nice relaxing day yesterday and decided to continue the trend and go to bed early. I took 2 more primrose oil capsule things then we did the acupressure again and I… View Post

Officially Full Term

When I walked into the dr. yesterday the first thing Stacy said to me was. “as of tomorrow you’re full term!” I hadn’t even realized that! Isn’t that amazing to think that is Clover came… View Post