32 Weeks…8 more to go!

Today I am officially starting my eighth month of pregnancy! Pre-pregnant life I thought people were pregnant for 9 months so I’d be pumped right now thinking it’s almost over! Don’t think so fast…the way… View Post

Welcome to the Third Trimester!

Today I am officially starting my 7th month of pregnancy! Week 28 and I’m in the third trimester! Pretty exciting because it means there are 12 weeks until my due date 🙂 Also not exciting… View Post

Breastfeeing Basics Class

Breastfeeding is my #1 fear about becoming a Mom (with how the animals, especially Levi, will respond to Clover coming in a close 2nd). Pretty much everyone I know has either not tried breastfeeding or… View Post

I missed Stacey!

Thank the LORD my regular mid-wife, Stacey, was finally back today from her maternity leave! I’ve been missing her a lot!!! On the way to the dr. this morning I felt Clover kick for the… View Post

Spilt Milk

Thursday I was getting out of the shower (and applying my strict regimine of vitamin E oil, Palmer’s lotion, and Cocoa Butter) when Brandon and his girl friend Chrissy arrived! I rushed as fast as… View Post