My Must Have Baby Items for a Good Night’s Sleep

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We’ve all heard the term “sleep like a baby.” But as any mom can tell you…baby’s most often don’t sleep like babies.

As a first time new mom parenting can feel overwhelming. I remember feeling SO PREPARED when it came to pregnancy and even labor and delivery but I felt clueless when I got home with my new baby and then had to actually start parenting him.

One of my personal missions in my blog is to help new mamas. I want them to feel less alone. To have guidance and help to get through those exhausting newborn days. (Want a great way to connect with other moms? Join my Facebook Group!)

That’s why several of the members of The Babywise Friendly Blog Network have teamed up this week to offer a HUGE price pack giveaway.  It provides all the tools needed to get a baby sleeping so Mommy can get rest too!

We all discussed our favorite sleep baby gear items and put them all together to create the ultimate prize pack that we KNOW any new mama will appreciate!

What’s in the prize pack? What are our most recommended sleep items? What do we all agree are “must haves” for a new baby?

1. Babywise: Shocker but we all agreed right away that a copy of Babywise was a MUST HAVE. I didn’t first read Babywise until my first born was 3 weeks old and it was a total and complete game-changer for me. Now? I recommend moms-to-be read it while they are awaiting their baby’s arrival. It’s an easy read and easy to understand…and any new mama also has all of us BFBN moms to lean on for support and to learn from our experiences when it’s time to put the plans into action! For me Babywise provided a guidebook in my parenting and a path to follow to make my decision making so much easier. Want more help with Babywise? Be sure to check out my Babywise Page here!

2. Zip Sleepers: Aren’t these super cute? Zip sleepers are THE JAM and these are awesome because they zip from the bottom up so you’re ready to go for those middle of the night diaper changes. A bedtime routine is so important to help a baby transition into sleep and putting on pjs each night is an easy reminder to them that it’s time for sleep!

3. Swaddle: Swaddling is also crucial in helping a baby ease into sleep time. Every mom has a favorite brand of swaddle but we all agreed that the Woombie is an excellent option. It’s SUPER easy to use, no wrapping or snapping or velcroing needed. What’s awesome about this particular woombie is that the arm holes OPEN so it actually converts to a sleep sack. I LOVE having sleep sacks for my babies once they transition out of the swaddle. Sleep sacks act as a safe way to keep them warm and protect their feet from getting stuck in the crib slats πŸ˜‰

4. Muslin Blankets: There are SO many uses for muslin blankets. They are awesome for swaddling, or double swaddling as babies get older and more active. They are also great for sleeping on the go. I use them ALL the time to cover my baby in the stroller or car seat to help avoid too bright of light shining on them in order for them to sleep when out and about. 

5. Pacifiers: Pacifiers are considered a sleep prop and a lot of “Babywise moms” try to avoid them (myself included). However, even as an anti-pacifier mom I still use them as a sleep tool. Not as a prop (an item needed in order for baby to sleep) but a tool (an item used to help baby get back to sleep when there are sleep disruptions). I use the paci with my baby when we are on the go and I’m trying to get him to sleep, I also use it if my baby wakes mid-nap and I’m trying to get him back to sleep. 

6. Sound Machine: A sound machine is truly a must-have baby sleep item. My rule of thumb is “the louder the better” especially when you have more than one child at home and risk louder, older children risking waking the baby. A great thing about this sound machine is that it plugs in but also uses battery backup. We’ve had power outages and our sound machines keep on going! 

7. Travel Sound Machine: This product is pure genius! We hook it on our baby car seat for times when our infant has to sleep in the car and hook it to the stroller for sleeping on the go! It works GREAT and is my newest favorite baby item (totally going to be my go-to shower gift!)

8. Gas Drops: The most common issues babies have when it comes to sleep are overstimulation (being kept awake too long) and gas issues. Gas drops are amazing. I always gave them to my breastfed baby prior to each feeding and with my bottle fed baby I put them in the bottle! 

9. Gripe Water: Gripe water is also very helpful for gas problems as well as for hiccups! Hiccups can be an issue with little ones and gripe water can knock ’em out quick!

10. Car Seat/Nursing Cover: My newest baby was born in December and a really awesome item I’ve LOVED has been a car seat cover. It slips over the entire infant car seat and blocks out sun as well as keeps nosey strangers from breathing/touching my baby. It’s been SO great to have during flu season to avoid germs! I truly don’t know how I had three prior babies without it!!! What’s great too is that this cover can double as a nursing cover too for breastfeeding moms!

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Didn’t win the giveaway? Don’t want to wait for a winner to be chosen? Need the items quick? Here’s all the items mentioned in this post:

Here are the sleepers! They are the only thing not from Amazon…they are from Target

Everything else in the giveaway pack is from Amazon. These items show the current prices πŸ™‚ 


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