BFBN Week: Benefits of Babywise in Older Children

Today Valerie, at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom, is the spotlight blogger for our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week!

I credit Valerie with majority of my ability to put the Babywise principals into action. Her blog has always been an amazing resource for me and I love learning from her! Her post today is about benefits of Babywise in older children!

My absolute favorite part of this post was this:

There are so many little things that really have all struck me as common sense when I have read them in the Babywise books that we have implemented that have helped my children grow so far into the delightful people they are. They amaze me each day. I am excited to see them grow and see all they will become. They are equipped with tools to do what they need to do and I have no doubt they will continue to amaze me in the future.”

I, too, believe that SO much of Babywise is common sense. I read a lot of parenting magazines and will see over and over again suggestions that line up perfectly with what Babywise teaches! So often Babywise gets a bad reputation but yet so many people follow similar parenting principles as laid out in the book.

A wonderful post today from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom…if you have any doubt that Babywise babies grow up to be wonderful children you will for sure enjoy it. For me, it gives me so much confidence that as my children grow, we will continue to see benefits from the work we put in while they were young!

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