Baby Gear: Birth ~ 4 Months

I know I made a list awhile back of all the things we bought and what I thought was worth having, but now that I’ve been a Mom for almost 4 months I feel like I should dish out what is really good to have for this age and I plan on doing a similar list every couple of months. I’m linking to Amazon whenever possible (and those links are affiliate)!

For Breastfeeding:

I highly recommend that everyone breastfeeds! It may be hard at first but it’s so, so worth it. That being said, yes breastfeeding is WAY cheaper than buying formula but there is still a lot of stuff you need:

  • Medela Freestyle Pump: Yes, it’s over $300 but worth every penny. I’ve used it everyday and haven’t had any problems with it. It pumps me empty in around 9 min, which is really awesome if you think about it. It’s also hands free which is great because every morning I can blog or check email while pumping!
  • Lansinoh Bags: They make the best breast milk storage bags. I’ve stored up over 800 oz of milk total by now and have had very few issues with them leaking. You can also store them flat which saves a TON of space in the freezer. The only thing to be careful about is not to let them get hot (like in your car when traveling) because they will stick together and can rip when you go to open them.
  • Lansinoh Cream: I still use it on my nipples before I nurse! I stopped using it after I nurse but I always put it on before. Crissy gave me this tip and I’m so thankful she did as it’s been a lifesaver! I think if I quit using it my nipples would be fine but it helps keep them from drying out and cracking.
  • Medela Bottles: Originally I bought some Playtex bottles thinking we’d use those but the Medela ones hook right up to the pump and make it super easy. They are also wonderful bottles and I plan to use them for all my kids in the future! They are all dishwasher safe and haven’t had any major gassy issues or leaking from them!
  • Medela Harmony Pump: It’s a manual pump and it’s worth investing in as well. Yes, 90% of the time I use the Freestyle but sometimes it’s late at night and you’re super full and you just want something quick. I’ve used it in time like those as well as if he finishes eating and one breast is still full. I think it’ll also be useful when I go to dry up because you can pump-to-comfort easier with this since it doesn’t suck it all out of you!
  • Probiotics: Amazing vitamin! I still take pre-natal vitamins since I’m nursing but my preacher’s wife recommended that I take these as well. It’s expensive (But you can get a discount by joining Advocare!) but worth it as it helps prevent yeast for me (which I had some issues with before) and has ALL kinds of benefits for the baby! It boosts their immune system (Kye hasn’t had ONE cold or fever yet btw), helps digest food, avoid eczema and asthma too!
  • Boppy: I mentioned this one in the other baby gear post, but what would I do with out it? It’s wonderful and makes nursing much more comfortable. I’d get 2 extra covers for it though especially if your baby spits up as much as mine does!

For Baby:

  • Clothes: With a boy I’d highly recommend a LOT of short sleeved onesies. You can buy them in packs and they are pretty cute. Kye lives in these because you can easily throw on a pair of shorts to make an outfit and you can swaddle him in this without him being uncomfortable. I cannot STAND outfits that aren’t onesies. Regular shirts ride up constantly making his tummy show all the time. I always end up putting a white onesie under the outfit so make him more comfortable. I also am not a huge fan of the outfits that are one piece where they are short sleeved and shorts all together. It just looks funny to me and since Kye has thick thighs they hug them too tight.
  • Pack and Play: essential! Even if you don’t travel often I like to have mine set up so Kye can have independent playtime in it. We bought a cheap one ($60!) and it’s EVERYTHING we need. I’m glad I didn’t pay a fortune for something with all the gadgets when I like that ours is easy to set up and simple to understand. The only problem? It can’t fit through doorways which is a pain!
  • Diapers: A mistake is buying a ton in advance. I’d buy one small box of each size and that’s it. It’s one of those things you really need to buy as you need it since you can’t predict how fast your baby will grow. Go Pampers all the way! They are a million times better than Huggies and I refuse to even try Luvs. My favorites are the Baby Dry kind but the Swaddlers are okay too.
  • Wipes: Again, go Pampers. Huggies gave Kye the worst diaper rash he’s ever had.
  • Play Mat: This is the best “big” item we got. I love it and I love seeing him develop from using it. We have the Baby Einstein one but anything will do. Mom bought a really neat rain forest one by Fisher Price and it has a little incline thing for him to kick his feet on or look at during tummy time which I liked too!
  • Bouncer: This comes in close second for best big item! I LOVE his bouncer. HE loves his bouncer! Ours you can remove the little hanging toys and we use that for him to sit in while he watches Your Baby Can Read. I love the little hanging toys though too and Kye will literally be entertained with them for an hour, easy. I use this when I have to get ready and he’s perfectly content hitting them, grabbing them, and talking to them.
  • SwaddleMe: I’m still a big fan of the swaddle. It’s a life saver and Kye adores his. I discovered Kye prefers fleece over cotton so I’d buy one of each material to see which one a baby prefers before stocking up on them because now I have cotton ones I never use!

  • Jumperoo: So far Kye isn’t quite big enough to fully enjoy this toy but it’s SO great to have something I can stick him in and allow him to play on his own instead of just having the bouncer. I like variety 🙂 Plus I think it does help him “practice walking” as he loves having the freedom to move his legs and feet!
  • Nail Clippers: I trim Kye’s nails twice a week. Invest in some baby nail clippers that you like. Mine have a grip that’s really comfortable which makes the job easier. Luckily, I’ve actually cut Kye and he doesn’t mind at all! But some babies do and even if yours doesn’t you still don’t want to hurt them. I got baby nail files in a little packet and thought it was stupid but they are handy too! Their little nails are sharp and it’s good to be able to file them down
  • Books: Yes, it’s for baby but they are really for you too since you’re the one that has to read them. We got a lot for gifts that were geared towards the baby and are just pictures with words like a picture of an apple and the word “apple” under it. Um not very fun to read! I’m loving pulling out my books from my childhood because they are so much more entertaining with actual stories! I’d load up on books that YOU like because your baby will like anything! And the more the better so you don’t get sick of reading the same thing over and over.
  • Baby Bjorn: Kye loves it because he can see the whole world in front of him, Zach loves it because it’s comfortable, easy to use, and just one of those kinda cool baby things. I haven’t used it yet and don’t know when I will but I think it’s one of those things we’ll just use more and more!

  • Hats and Sunglasses: If you go outside the bright sun really bothers babies (at least it does mine) so having hats that shade the sun and especially sunglasses to block it out really come in handy. Plus the more you use them now the more the baby won’t mind it in the future!
  • Burp Rags: You need a million, trillion of them. Just stock up big time! I mostly use cloth diapers as mine and they work great and since they are white people can’t really tell you’re walking around with a nasty used one on your shoulder!
  • Bibs: Along the same lines I wish I would have bought more CUTE bibs in the beginning. If your baby spits up even close to mine then you want a lot of bibs to match outfits because they will basically live in one. I found a lady on Ebay who made some for me with his name on them and such as I am not a big fan of a bunch of sayings and crap all over him!
  • Sleep Sheep: I use this EVERY nap. I always put it on the ocean sound and it helps put Kye to sleep. I have the travel one too and use it everytime we go on trips. I’m sure he could sleep without it but I think it makes for a more peaceful sleeping environment and I like having things that we only do at naptime because when I go to put him down it helps him recognize that okay it’s naptime now 🙂
  • Tylenol: I’m not a big medicine fan but I think it’s essential to have baby Tylenol in your medicine cabinet. First off the dr. will have you give the baby some before getting shots. Also I have used it a couple times since teething has begun. Luckily for me Kye loves the stuff (cherry flavor!) so he takes it with a smile 🙂
  • Desitin: Yes, you need some just in case for a diaper rash. Buy the original purple bottle though…it’s way thicker and stays on better than the rest! We didn’t like the blue bottle (I think it’s overnight protection?) or the yellow one (it’s clear)…good old original is best! And I had 8 bottles of this junk for some reason before he was even born. I haven’t even used 1/2 a tube yet…so this is another thing not to stock up on too much. I probably have enough for all four children!

For You:

  • Babywise (book’s title: On Becoming Babywise and the ones after it) Is it tough for the first couple weeks? Yes. Is it totally worth it? Double yes! Will people tease you and such for your child always being on a schedule? Probably. But you know what? The benefits of it will prove them all wrong. Just look at Kye: he has slept beautifully through the night since 8 weeks old, he’s healthy, never been sick, very independent, content, puts himself to sleep with NO help from us, and VERY happy. Who wouldn’t want those things for their child?
  • Bradley Method (book title: Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth): I am so thankful that I had Kye the all natural way! Even if you plan to use drugs during labor I really recommend the exercises throughout your pregnancy. I think it helped my labor go so so so much quicker and much easier too!

  • A good camera: totally worth it to be able to take lots and lots of pics of your beautiful baby!

Stuff I Wouldn’t Buy:

  • Swing: I was so excited about the swing because I know my mom said I LOVED mine when I was a baby. Crissy said that Stevie wasn’t crazy about it and honestly, neither is Kye. Sure he’ll sit in it if he is put there but he doesn’t really enjoy it the way he does the bouncer. He can’t reach the hanging toys on it and this frustrates him. Is it nice to have? Sure but for $100 I wouldn’t bother with it. Especially doing Babywise he has never napped outside his crib so I don’t use it the way a lot of people too as a sleep tool!
  • Wee Wee Tee Pee: Moms always know best don’t they? My mom said this was a gimmick and it was dumb but we bought it anyways! It is used to cover the little penis to protect you from getting sprayed. Will a baby boy spray you? Yes! But you can just use a baby washcloth (you have a million of them anyway and they aren’t good for much) to cover it during diaper changes. At this point he NEVER pees on us anymore so we don’t even cover it!

  • Stuffed Animals: Not that we bought Kye many of them but he got SEVERAL as gifts and they are pretty dumb toys if you think about it. They just sit there! We’ve never once had him play with a stuffed animal, besides the REALLY big ones he has because they are kinda fun! The best toys are things that are solid and hard so you don’t have to worry about puke ruining them or a dog chewing them up. I LOVED stuffed animals as a kid and I wish I hadn’t as what happens to them over time? You store them to keep forever but they get moldy and nasty. I just threw a TON away. What a waste! I hope my kids won’t have a love for stuffed animals but I only know I can for sure control it for a little while haha
  • Changing Table: I’m so thankful we decided to use a dresser as the changing table and just bought a changing pad on top. I really recommend doing this as your baby only needs a diaper changed for how long? Hopefully under 2 years and then you’re stuck with this non-functional ugly table thing!

I hope this list helps some people know what is worth buying and what isn’t!!!

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  1. Robyn
    June 22, 2009 / 8:33 pm

    How funny – we had such a similar weekend! I threw a babyshower for my sister on Saturday and we put Lorelai in the pool for the first time on Sunday. I def. agree on the BW thing. I also don't know anyone with a baby close to LL's age and I don't know anyone (besides Crissy) who has done BW. I have a question, though. I've been doing BW with LL since she was 2 weeks old. She started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks old, but now she doesn't anymore. She'll get up once a night, eat, and go right back to sleep. What do I do?!

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