Britt Summary of Month 19

Britt lived her 19th month of life (she was 18 months old) from June 6 through July 5th.

It was SUCH a wonderful month having both of my babies at home with me all day!!! Here’s all about Britt!

little girl toddler a summary of the 19th month of toddler life

Morning Nap: 

The BIG thing from this month was dropping Britt’s morning nap (you can read about the whole experience HERE).

It took a little bit of time to adjust but really was a smooth transition. What wasn’t so easy?

Finding things to fill that big chunk of time with her awake!

I am glad I waited as long as I did to drop the nap.

Typically with my kids I jump to the next thing rather quickly and probably before they are fully ready for it.

This causes them to take longer to adjust and makes those transitions more of a hassle and tougher on our family as a whole.

By waiting until I really thought Britt was ready to drop the morning nap, it made the entire thing easier for everyone, especially HER!!! 


Britt added these words this month: light, hot, cake, happy (it’s what she calls the song I always sing her “you are my sunshine” and I LOVE that she calls it “happy” as I like to think that’s the emotion she feels whenever I sing it to her!), more, cool, cook, hey, me (she likes to raise her hand and say it too!), key, castle (points to it whenever we watch a Disney movie!), golf, Mimi (what she has names her lamb that she sleeps with.

At Bible Class they have a doll named “Mimi” and she goes on a “walk” to discover all the things God made so I’m pretty sure it’s where she got the name from!), Nemo, baaaa (sheep sound), Sadie, bumpy, hi, donkey, tractor, cut, please, no ma’am (it’s VERY difficult for her to say and def not something she has done consistently yet), off (she says it in reference to the lights being OFF), keep (she says whenever Kye takes a toy from her), meow (cat sound), neigh (horse sound), nope, wolf (dog sound), pancake, hey ho (for her this means “ready set go” when jumping in the pool). 

Independent Playtime: 

Speaking of waiting until they are ready…Britt is still in her pack and play. Kye was at roomtime MUCH younger than she is now but, again, I’m waiting. Why rush her?

I LOVE the pack and play as it’s set up in our dining room away from everyone but where I can still see her and it’s SAFE.

Her being in her room for roomtime makes me nervous! She’s still perfectly content in the pack and play and I’m in no rush to change it. 

Since she dropped the morning nap and because Kye is home for summer I did readjust the timing of her independent playtime.

During the school year I had her do it twice a day (prior to leaving for school then while I made lunch) but during summer it made more sense to have them both do their independent playtime at the same time.

I put Britt in pack and play then took Kye upstairs for his roomtime.

They both did it for 30-45 min then would have movie time together while I made lunch.

It worked out really well! Sometimes Kye would go longer for roomtime and Britt’s independent playtime would be shorter and she would just get some alone time with me while we waited for Kye to be done. 

She plays SO WELL during independent playtime and will even start cleaning up the toys when the timer goes off and will cheer for herself about it 🙂 I love that she’s done so well with this!!!


With school being out and us having more time in the mornings I got in the routine of giving the kids smoothies along with their regular breakfast food.

Kye LOVES them and I knew Britt would too!

Since the dr gave it the okay I also started mixing some of a meal replacement shake in with the smoothie stuff to give them the extra boost (I’d use like 1/3 of a shake packet each morning).

I blend in frozen fruit and, yes, even some vegetables and the kids gulp it down!

Britt also does a “collllld” face. Here’s a video!

And another attempt to get her to do it haha

This month I also cut out snack time in the afternoons and instead started offering a small dessert after dinner.

I plan to post more about that later since it was more of a decision I made based on Kye’s needs, not Britt’s.

But she is reaping the yummy goodness of a nightly treat and she’s def not complaining about it 😉

Britt’s FAVORITE food is peanut butter. FOR SURE.

Overall, she’s gotten so so so much cleaner with her eating.

She doesn’t make near the mess she used to…except when it comes to peanut butter.

That junk is ALL OVER her by the time she’s done eating! I’m talking in her hair, eye brows, between her fingers…it’s a mess. But she loves it sooooo much and I can’t blame her for that 😉

Britt loves to copy her brother in all things and she starting asking for a bowl this month whenever Kye had one.

She does WONDERFUL eating with her utensils and I do plan to transition her to a booster sometime soon?

So I want to work with her on using plates and bowls and stuff and get away from using the tray. So far, so good with the bowls.

I haven’t tried legit messy foods yet as I’m still a little nervous she will dump it out but she does well with raisins and such and even eats them with her spoon 🙂


Britt can take on and off her shoes…by herself.

I mean I feel like this is super young to be able to have this skill?

Gah it seems like Kye just pretty recently learned to do this haha It’s pretty much her favorite activity and it drives us NUTS.

She will put them on. Take them off. Put them on. Take them off. Over and over and over.

I know once they master a new skill kids typically stop doing it so much so I’m being patient about it 😉

100% on her own! Right feet and everything!

Movie Time: 

I agree that tv time shouldn’t be a thing until ages two and up.

But good luck with that when you have an older kid at home!

I never, ever just have the tv on in our home unless it’s movie time.

As I mentioned earlier, the kids have movie time right after their independent playtimes.

This gives me a solid chunk of time to get things done (and fix lunch).

I struggled a lot with establishing the movie time.

I didn’t like the idea of Britt watching Kye’s movies. In the end though? I decided just to let her.

We know we’re going to take her on her first Disney trip early next year and I do want her to have a LOVE for Disney like we all do so why not start her young?

Their movie time is only 20-30 min a day and we pause the movie and then pick up where we left off the next day 🙂

I buckle Britt in her toddler seat so she can’t get out as this helps her learn physical boundaries.

It’s really been cute to see how Kye sets her all up before each movie! He always puts a blanket on her and gets a “friend” for her!


Britt completed her survival swim course back in April and it was a COLD Spring for us.

Usually we can swim in our pool in late March/early April but not this year!!!

We couldn’t hardcore start using the pool until early June!!!

Once back in the water Britt struggled with her swim skills.

Her perfect beautiful starfish was a hot mess so I called Tiny Bubbles and had a private swim lesson with her.

Here were some of the tips I learned that day that helped me get her back on track:

  • hold her wrists to the sides when swimming to me and when releasing her
  • gently have hands on her elbows when starfish 
  • gently kinda push the water up under her head to help keep her up without touching her during starfish
  • walk back and let her swim to me
  • Keep hands SUPER low under the water to let her swim to them!
  • have her wear Crocs in the pool to help her kick on top of the water
  • when doing star fish I need to be out of her line of vision
  • the way she naturally turns in the water is how I need to turn her: left arm up to flip then left arm down to flip back to swimming. 

The ONE bonus lesson made a HUGE impact!!! It tweaked somethings that I was doing wrong and got us back on track for sure.

I got in the pool with the kids 3-5 times a week during the summer! Britt’s starfish went right back to being beautiful and she became a little pool lover like her brother!


I painted Britt’s toenails the first time this month!

The polish was sitting out in their bathroom and Britt pointed to it and wanted it so I put it on!

I was SHOCKED she sat SO STILL for the whole thing and LOVED it.

Literally she constantly looks at her toes and wants to show them to everyone. It’s precious and it’s SO fun having a girly girl 🙂

Hair Issues: 

I’m TERRIBLE at Britt’s hair.

I try and try but am just struggling with this whole having a girl who has hair thing. Haha.

I mean it’s just not something that comes naturally for me.

Even with my own hair, I can do one basic style with it and that’s it! I’m hoping with time and practice that I can improve for Britt’s sake 🙂

I love all of her silly faces in these!

High Chair Activities: 

One of my goals with Britt is to work with her on sitting still and focusing on one task at a time.

She’s very, very active (like her daddy and G-Mama!) and I want her to be able to contain her energy for school.

She won’t go to school until 2014 but I still want to start working on this with her!

I started to have her sit in her high chair more often and work on small activities.

Coloring, puzzles, etc.

Her attention span isn’t very long and she does get bored rather quickly but I know the more often I do it, the longer she’ll be able to!

I know that having her sit in her movie chair helps with this same goal as well 🙂 

She isn’t very interested in coloring but LOVES to take out the crayons and put them back in over and over

Playdough lasted 2 mins. She started eating it so I cleaned it up 😉

Puzzles are the favorite high chair activity for sure!!!


One of my MAIN goals as a parent is to train my children to be independent.

Even at young ages I start having them do things on their own.

Kye’s first ever “chore” was to give the dogs their treats when we leave to go somewhere.

Britt now has been helping with that task.

She gives Sadie a treat and Kye gives Levi one (Kye said it should be “boys” and “girls”).

Britt also now will help me put away dishes in the dishwasher (after I remove the sharp stuff!).

She will take hers and Kye’s silverware and put them away (I keep them in a box in a low cabinet where they can open the door and get them out on their own).

She also puts away Kye’s underwear for me on laundry days (we keep the underwear in a bottom drawer so it’s easy for her to help with that).

She also cleans up her toys (and helps clean up other things as well), helps me vacuum, and helps load clothes in the washing machine. 

It’s GREAT to have Britt as a helper when it comes to cleaning up but goodness…two kids cleaning up a small mess can take a LONG time. Here’s a video to show it 🙂

Natural Mommy: 

Britt has a very nurturing side that does remind me of myself.

I LOVED animals as a girl and always wanted to have a ton of them when I grew up (yes, that changed haha).

She is so so sweet with the dogs and enjoys playing and interacting with them. Here she’s trying to get Sadie to talk on the phone haha

Here’s a video!

Britt is also a wonderful mommy to her baby doll.

She was obsessed with her baby this month and literally took her with us all the time!!!

It was so sweet and whenever she’d get fussy we’d start talking about her babydoll and she’d dry it up quick.

We’d say “Britt where is your baby????” and she’d take off in search of it haha.

I like the baby for that reason alone 🙂

She carries it very sweetly and pats it on the back and feeds it and kisses it and just really takes care of it.

I was never really into baby dolls much as a little girl but I love that Britt is. I think it’s a great way to start helping train her up in what I hope will be her future role as a mommy someday 🙂


Britt is still a GREAT sleeper!!! She sleeps HARD.

Now that the morning nap is gone she falls asleep much quicker at naptime and bedtime.

She always has her mouth open whenever I see her on the monitor.

I know she sucks her fingers when she’s tired, but she doesn’t actually sleep with them in her mouth which I think is good!

She is a WILD sleeper though. Kye always lays perfectly still on his back…but Britt? She’s all over the place!!!

On her tummy…with NO PANTS!!!

Yes, she can put on and off shoes AND takes off her pants in her crib!!!

I’m not really sure how to handle this because she will also remove her shirt AND I’ve found her with her diaper off and playing with her poop after naps. Um gross!!!!

Pants halfway down, awake in the crib sucking on fingers and rubbing her sheets (something Kye also does. A rubbing up and down motion? I guess it’s normal!)


I love all things Disney.

Even though I grew up as a Barbie girl myself I can see my daughter(s) being more into Disney princess stuff b/c I like it all much better than Barbie 😉

I love the Fisher Price Princess Castle Britt got for Christmas and it’s become a favorite of hers as well this month!

It’s so cute to watch her play. She likes to make them dance and to open and close the castle doors 🙂


I mentioned earlier that Britt says “off” a lot and she does prefer it to be dark?

When we wake her up from naps and night time sleep she’ll say “off off offfff!” and wants us to turn the lights back off.

Maybe her blue eyes are more sensitive?

I know mine are blue and are sensitive to bright lights but not that sensitive!

She cracked me up in the playroom one day when she figured out how to climb up on toys to reach the light switch and turn off the light! Smarty pants!

Like Brother: 

As usual, Britt still likes to copy Kye.

Whatever he is playing with she will want to play with as well.

I bought him a (non-working grrr) cash register as a kid’s sale and they both enjoy playing with it together.

Britt is so cute carrying around her purse and putting all the fake money in it! 

Jumping on the trampoline like Kye!

I like to make them share as much as possible but ohmygoodness it’s annoying hearing them fight over stuff.

I’m SO thankful for the toys that we have more than one of!!!

It minimizes arguing BIG TIME and makes life a little easier on us all.

If I was rich I’d totally buy two of everything to avoid the sharing battles haha.

It’s tough with Britt at this age b/c sharing is a HARD concept to understand and I don’t think it’s fair to expect her to “get it” yet!!!!

How do you deal with sharing and having a toddler at home???? I often feel like Kye gets shafted b/c he DOES understand how to share! 

Scout and Violet…one of my favorites bc we have two!

With Britt’s shoe obsession she also started stealing Kye’s LIghtning McQueen slippers which caused some issues so we got down Kye’s old ones from the attic so they can each have a pair. Problem solved 🙂

When Kye takes his artwork pics, Britt always wants to have a turn too!


Kye’s bed is a favorite place to play!

Guess who took off her pants? haha

She missed Kye a LOT at golf camp!

Before church one morning 🙂

Schedule: (summer!)

7:10: up for day

10:00: independent playtime

11:00: movie time

11:30: lunch

12:00: pool time

12:30: get ready for nap

1:00: down for nap

4:00: up from nap

5:00: Daddy time!

6:00: dinner

6:40: bath

7:15: down for the night

Other Stuff Britt was up to this Month:

  • Says “mommy this” ALL the time and points to stuff she wants!
  • She’s at a tough point with her language development. She can say a LOT of words but still can’t fully explain her emotions or really her wants. She gets very frustrated when I don’t understand her and I feel so bad for her with that!
  • She’s learned that saying “tee tee” is a great way to get out of doing things b/c I immediately rush her to the potty. If she says “tee tee” during independent playtime or meals etc then I will rush her to go but then put her right back!
  • her fav Disney princess is Snow White! Random!!!
  • She gives Kye a BIGGGGG hug whenever he leaves, so sweet
  • As an animal lover, Britt enjoys hunting for Zeke (our cat) around the house and will say “cat cat cat”
  • One day Levi ate a cracker from her hand (outside playing) so for a good week or so she’d point to him and say “cracker” every time she saw him
  • I started tightening the reigns on her with her food. For a long time she’d get more of something just because she asked for it. Like if she ate all her grapes she’d say “more” and I’d give her more without first having her eat the other things on her plate but now we’re expecting her to eat other foods before getting more of something (like we do with Kye)
  • When Kye isn’t home she walks around the house yelling “KYEEEEEE….KYEEEEEE” and looking for him
  • She loves to wear sunglasses!
  • We played in the playroom a good bit this month (Britt and I would join Kye after roomtime and play for a bit!) here’s a video of Britt doing her thing and not knowing i’m watching 😉
  • A favorite activity is to have us throw her onto our bed
  • In the pool she enjoys jumping off the steps and swimming to me!
  • We visited Zach’s parents church one Sunday and it’s a very small congregation. Someone gave all the kids popcorn (why?!?! who knows…) and so we had no choice but to let Britt eat some during church (well duh we DID have a choice but she would have pitched a royal FIT!). She LOVED it and I whispered quietly to Zach “this popcorn is like crack” and Britt said SUPER loud DURING church “CRACK!!!” hahahaa
  • She can repeat words we say or will at least attempt to repeat anything we ask her to
  • This month she stopped pooping every day during naps and started to poop in the potty more regularly. 
  • Dancing is still a favorite activity! Here’s a video of the kids dancing after Nemo ended!
  • Britt doesn’t get to spend much time with kids her age and one day Robyn sent me a video of Cooper so I let the kids watch it and Britt was HILARIOUS about it! She kept wanting to see Coop again and again…maybe she likes the younger boys? Here’s a video!
  • Kye got a spanking and Britt got SUPER upset about it. She ran and got him a toy tractor then brought it to him and hugged him like five times. It was precious!
  • We are working with her on saying “no ma’am” rather than just “no” She says “no” ALL THE TIME but I know we can’t expect her to say “no maam” regularly yet, which is frustrating for us. So I just always repeat back to her with a “no ma’am” whenever she says “no”
  • Kye was talking about what we want to do next year and I said “go to Disney” Britt raised her arms and said “ME ME ME!” really loud!!! So glad that she’s already excited about Disney!
  • We rarely have to take her to the potty at this point and she only had one accident the entire month (at Robyn’s moms house haha)
  • I struggled with this same thing with Kye but I tend to spoil my kids once they are able to talk. I’m SO pumped that they can communicate what they want that I am eager to give it to them rather than remain in charge of the decision making. It’s something I’m aware of about myself and I worked hard this month of taking back control of every aspect of Britt’s life. She’s MUCH too young to be making any decisions so I can’t let her do that, even though it’s super tempting 😉
  • She really loves Nemo and calls him “Money”
  • Britt’s fav person right now is FOR SURE Big Papa. Anytime she plays with a toy phone she’s calling him! I took this video to send to him while they were out of town 🙂
  • During church Britt has started to get spankings on her bottom with the paint stick (which she also gets at home now too). It’s obvious she knows better than to be LOUD during services so Zach will take her out and spank her when she pitches fits or acts up intentionally. Her behavior during church is already improving!!!

My favorite picture from this month is this one of Britt with Big Daddy.

It’s so special that my babies know their great grandparents so well and are able to spend so much quality time with them!!!

We hosted Mr. Rusty’s birthday party and Britt enjoyed some cake with her Big Daddy. They were so precious together and I love how he’s watching her with such joy! 

You can look back at Kye’s Summary of Month 19 HERE.

These adorable pics of him totally make my heart melt! He was at SUCH a cute age 🙂

And I loved all his cute little outfits too 🙂 You can also look back at Britt’s 18th month summary here!

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  1. ChelleyN
    September 5, 2013 / 2:56 am

    I loved reading this as this is the age that Brenson is right now. I have like 12 things to comment on, but I'll try to keep it short :-).First, Britt seriously has the most beautiful eyes! Gorgeous!Our church uses the same curriculum in Brenson's class where Mimi goes on a walk. However, we changed our girl's name to Sally because several of our kiddos have grandmas that they call Mimi and it was confusing :-). I think Britt is totally advanced with the shoe thing. Brianna could put shoes on at a very young age as well, but Bren can't do it yet. Maybe it's a girl thing since girls tend to really be into shoes :-).We have sharing issues, too. I always struggle with wanting them to learn to share and just wanting to have two so I don't have to listen to the fighting. Sometimes they're great . . . other times notsomuch!Love Britt's toes… I started painting Bri's when she was about 15 months old and now she HAS to have them painted all the time! Maybe think about getting Britt's hair trimmed a little? A small trim will make a huge difference!We have that Disney Princess Castle and Bren loves playing with it as much as Brianna :-).Glad to read that she's started pooping in the potty. Bren mostly (almost always) poops in his diaper during nap, and I'm not sure what to do about this? We never had this issue with Brianna as she pooped in the potty from the very beginning, but she was 20 months before we trained her and Bren was only 17 months. Maybe he just needs to grow out of it?We've started spanking during church this month, too. It makes a huge difference, but I hate it :-(.

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