Britt is 23 Months Old!

Britt turned 23 months old on November 6th. Only one more What to Expect post after this one (whoooo hooo!). Before I know it I’ll be back to doing newborn weekly posts for Little Leo huh?… View Post

Britt Summary of Month 23

Be warned: This post has picture OVERLOAD! Blame it on the new camera 😉 And enjoy it b/c Britt’s monthly post from Dec will be pretty dang empty. I took hardly any random pics this… View Post

Kye Monthly Summary: October

Here is everything going on with Kye from October! Growth: One morning I got Kye dressed for school then realized his pants were too short. I know for most parents this isn’t some big deal. If anything… View Post

Britt Summary of Month 22

Britt was in her 22nd month of life from Sept 6th through October 5th. Here is everything she had going on that month! Words:  Some of the words this month were please (says it “mease“),… View Post

Kye Monthly Summary: September

Here is everything Kye was up to in September! We had a busy month so I blogged about a lot of the things he had going on but here’s somethings I failed to mention in… View Post