Kye Monthly Summary: June

I soaked Kye UP during the month of June! It was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L having him home with me everyday during the summer πŸ™‚ 

Eating: Kye has been eating great! He’s getting more adventurous with what he will try and his appetite has def picked up a lot! This month he started to show more preferences with how he eats. He asked to eat with a “grown up” plate (our dinner plates) and I was surprised that he didn’t mind his food touching! Also since Mother’s Day Kye LOVES to use chop sticks. I totally have it on the “Christmas gift idea” list for him for Christmas. Do they make kids plastic ones? B/c the wooden ones we got from the restaurant are a beast to clean!

Kye asks for smoothies for breakfast all the time and I enjoyed making the kids a breakfast smoothie during our relaxing summer days!!! I mixed in some of a Meal Replacement Shake to give them that added boost along with frozen berries and even some sneaky vegetables πŸ˜‰

Helper: Kye truly has a servant heart. I wish I had such a natural love of helping others the way he does! He enjoys cleaning and will ask me to let him help clean the house!!! He also this month helped me frost cupcakes for the first time…he did a GREAT job. He takes a lot of pride in doing things well and I love that he is such a hard worker at anything he does! I love his help but goodness it can take a LONG time!!! Here’s a video showing how long it takes for two kids to clean up a mess πŸ™‚

Coloring: I don’t know a lot of kids Kye’s age but check out those coloring skills! He legit always stays in the lines!!! It shocks me at his coloring abilities as I feel like he should still be scribbling all over the place right?!?! 

Table Time: Kye has always enjoyed sitting quietly and working on a task. His attention span has always been pretty good about stuff like that and it’s very nice that he’s old enough to get things out himself to keep himself busy! He really enjoys stickers and, of course, making play dough snakes!

Cuddle Kid: Kye is also in a VERY loving stage. I had always heard that boys love their mamas and I def see how that’s true now. He will cuddle and hug and be sweet all day πŸ™‚ I love it! He enjoys getting all of his “friends” out to cuddle with him during his awake times (he’s only allowed to sleep with two friends). He also enjoys picking out different friends to sit with him during movie time and is the typical guy who completely zones out whenever a movie is on. Best of luck to his future wife someday when dealing with that πŸ˜‰

Cuddle time with Daddy watching FSU on the Ipad πŸ™‚

Bubbles! I try to limit the amount of bubble baths Britt gets (like they are FEW and FAR between for sure) as it’s not good for girls to sit in bubble baths. I feel bad for Kye though b/c that means that he also very rarely gets to enjoy bubbles since they bathe together! Whenever things work out where they do end up bathing separately, I like to let Kye have some bubble fun!!! On this particular day he thought it was hilarious to eat them?!?!?

Like Daddy: Kye asked if he could have a toothpick like Daddy so I let him. It was SUCH a reminder to us that he literally is watching EVERYTHING we do and whatever we do, he will want to copy us! Not that using a toothpick is bad, but it’s such a small thing that I don’t even notice Zach does. Whenever we eat out (which is rare) Zach always grabs a toothpick and sticks it in his mouth. Kye thought he was SUCH a big boy when I let him have the toothpick. We sent Daddy this picture πŸ™‚

Silly: As you saw in the post with all of Kye’s school work: he’s in a silly stage for sure. He will come out of his room in all kinds of silly get ups and it cracks me up! I know soon he will be “too cool” for dress up and playing silly games so I soak it up as much as I can πŸ™‚

G-Mama Time: There’s been some tougher stuff going on in our lives for awhile and I’m VERY appreciative to Mrs. Charlotte. She has stepped up her game big time…not just with showing me support but especially in her role as “G-Mama.” This month she started to take Kye on little dates just the two of them. I think it’s so important for him to get that one on one special time with her and he had a BLAST. She sent me this picture of him at his favorite place (CFA, DUH!) chowing down on dessert πŸ™‚ You know she spoils him on those dates for sure!

Cooper’s Party: Robyn’s son, Cooper, turned one this month and had an ADORABLE Crab themed party! We decided Zach would stay home with Britt and I would just take Kye. It was a pool party and it was GREAT that Kye could just do his own thing and I could visit with other parents and such without having to be in the pool. Pool parties totally make me nervous though! I have known people who threw pool parties and had kids drown so I’m always super cautious to keep my eyes on my kids at all times. So thankful for Kye’s survival swim skills for sure! We had THE best time together and Kye has STILL been talking about the party. I’m pretty sure we were the last guests to leave haha πŸ˜‰ 

Cupcake #2. I know TOTAL cool mom moment!

Other Stuff Going on with Kye this Month:

  • Kailyn sat next to us at church one Sunday night and Kye put his arm around her!!! He was even rubbing her back and wrote her a “note” with his name on it. True players start their game young, right? πŸ˜‰ It was so cute though!!!
  • One of our summer goals was for Kye to be able to completely dress himself by the time school started. One morning he surprised me and changed from his pjs into his clothes completely by himself, even snapping his shorts!
  • We love to play our nightly games before Kye goes to bed and one night we were playing “Don’t Wake Hook” game and I did something good in the game and he said “That’s my girl!”
  • Kye tells EVERYONE that is real name is Kye Parker but his pretend name is: Lightning McQueen Flash Parker Kye Parker Spiderman Spaceship
  • I completely trust Kye with his behavior. When we go to run errands he doesn’t touch ANYTHING and is such a great example to Britt about looking but not touching!
  • He is really enjoying playing pretend and is always Lightning McQueen. He will have me be “Sally” and will say that Britt is either Mater, Chick Hicks or Doc Hudson…depending on his mood with her that day haha He gets very into his pretend games…here’s a video of him in a hardcore “phone” conversation
  • Kye’s special talent is def whistling. The child whistles NON-STOP but he’s SO good at it!!! I will even hear him practicing in his bed during naps and night sometimes! Here’s a video of his skills!
  • With it being summer time and the kids being together WAY more often, Kye is started to get easily annoyed with Britt. They still get along well and play together a lot but I have to be more mindful to let him “win” with her more…like get to have the first turn with a toy, etc. 
  • People have always commented on Kye’s behavior but now they have also started to tell me how smart he is. Of course I have no clue if he’s smart or not b/c I don’t have any other four year olds to compare him too but it’s a nice compliment to hear for sure!
  • He knows his memory verse John 14:15 “If you love me you will keep my commandments”
  • I love how nice and loud Kye sings at church when he knows the songs! I can totally see him being a song leader someday!
  • This month we pulled out the puppets and the kids LOVED them! Kye thinks it’s so fun to lay under his bed and reach up from the floor with the puppets to put on a show for us πŸ™‚ Here’s a video!
  • Even though it’s been a YEAR since we saw Brave, Kye still has nightmares about bears. πŸ™ I feel like I should have him watch it again??? Maybe it wouldn’t be as scary to him now? We have this dinner game that is a bunch of cards to ask each other and the question one night was about our biggest fears and Kye said bears!
  • Now that Britt is older she’s less “obedient” to Kye’s demands. He gets frustrated with her when she has a toy and is playing with it and won’t give it to him when he asks. Before Britt was all about pleasing Kye and would hand over anything he ever wanted, but now she wants to play with her stuff and isn’t so quick to give stuff to him! 
  • I’m trying REALLY hard to praise him big time for using nice manners on his own! We are working on saying “thank you” without having to be reminded. I know when it comes to manners it’s just one of those things that we will have to remind, remind, remind until it just becomes second nature to him!
  • Kye really is very independent and enjoys time to himself. Even though he’s outgoing and talks to everyone and enjoys attention, I do think Kye is an introvert. He needs that time alone to “recharge” and I try to allow him to do that. If it’s not just roomtime, he will also play solo in his room quite often. It’s tough with Britt b/c she WANTS to play with him so I have to distract her to help her leave him be!
  • Candyland is def Kye’s favorite game. He has gotten much, much better about losing gracefully and doesn’t pitch fits like he used to. He will ask if we can play the game again though. He typically is the winner though (kid has some good luck and also has parents who might rig the game in his favor when we’re in a rush for bedtime…) and we always call him the “double king” because he tends to draw double cards!
  • The kids both LOVE to dance together! Here’s a video of them dancing at the credits of Finding Nemo!
  • We hosted Mr. Rusty’s birthday party and Kye fell down the stairs. It was so, so scary!!! Zach took some people up to the new playroom area to check it out and Kye went with them and he slipped and rolled down them and hit the banister super hard. Thankfully he was okay but it gave us quite a scare. It’s the second time he’s fallen down them!!! 
  • We ran errands one day and Kye played nicely with another little girl. I asked him when we left if he had fun and he said “I met a very pretty girl!” I even overheard him talking to her and telling her his “pretend name” I wonder if she was impressed? πŸ˜‰
  • One day in the car riding Kye said that my car stunk. I asked him what it smelled like (I can’t smell) and he said “your breath!” ZING!!!!!!
  • His favorite song is “We are Siamese” from Lady and the Tramp.
  • Kye was being sweet and said that he loves me all the way up to where Jesus and King David live in Heaven πŸ˜‰
  • At church a lady came up to me and said her grandson told her that he wants to say prayers like Kye because Kye is the best at saying prayers. Such a sweet compliment to hear!

I’m SO proud to be Kye’s mama and enjoyed every second of our summer fun together!!! I hope I’m never one of those moms that countdown for school to start…I truly miss him everyday when he’s gone and dread when the day comes that he’s in all day school. I love this picture of him! He came out wearing this jersey SO PUMPED that it had Daddy’s number on it πŸ˜‰

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