Britt Monthly Summary: June

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This is Britt’s summary from June, much like Kye’s month most of her stuff was covered throughout the weekly summer recaps!

Britt had a chance to participate in TWO camps this summer. Both gymnastics and dance camp. It was her first time in dance camp and second time at the gymnastics one (she did it during Christmas break as well). She really did wonderful at both (I mean as far as 4 year olds go haha) but she LOVES gymnastics and it’s something we’ll probably be looking into for her on a more regular basis once we get a solid routine down with school back in session. 

This month we told the kids (and the world!) about our plans to adopt. Britt is beyond excited for a new baby. She carried around the little onesie for weeks and talked constantly about the new baby brother. I know she’ll be an amazing big sister to him and that she will be SO hands on in helping ME! I’m excited for a 2nd mommy around 😉 

The BIG girl news for Britt this month was about her hair. She continually came to me and talked about wanting to cut her hair “all the way to her chin.” Daddy said he’d allow grazing the shoulders so she was happy to go for that! Lindsay did text me this cut though which I DO think Britt could rock, don’t you?!?!

I know in the comparison photo it’s pretty obvious she needed a cut but I did love the longer hair and do miss it! On some levels the shorter is easier, but on others its tougher. It seems like the shorter length has made it thicker which is a little tougher to brush for me and to manage. She LOVES it though and that’s what matters most! I’m not super hardcore when it comes to hairstyles. I’m pretty much anti-bangs at all for anyone but other than that if she wants to try out different styles I say go for it! It’s just hair 🙂

Britt has really been stepping up her big kid game this summer. She has such a servant heart and is always jumping in to help me and offering to help. It makes me happy to see this side of her and I appreciate the extra set of hands during my mommy duties!

She is especially amazing in the big sister role. As far as the younger sister role goes, she’s pretty typical I’d say. She annoys Kye and bugs him and pesters him. But then she gets it coming back to her from Tess so you’d think she’d learn haha. She does ADORE Tess and is much more “motherly” with her more recently. She looks out for her and is very sweet to her. It’s precious to watch them form that strong sister bond!

Britt did go to the dr this month. Girly parts are so much more of a pain to care for than boyish ones haha. She had some pain while urinating so I took her in. I know UTI’s are common in Zach’s family and yeast infections are common in mine so I take those types of concerns pretty seriously with my girls. Luckily she was fine but it was good to get some tips to keep it that way (baking soda baths are awesome as well as A&D ointment a couple times a week as well as before getting in the ocean or pool). 

Britt may be my “constant mover” but she also enjoys just sitting and doing crafts. She loves to write and draw and color and especially enjoys making bead necklaces! She’s at such a fun age for hands on activities and I love seeing her get creative!

Her favorite animal continues to be alligators and, worse, she’s getting Tess to like them too! Not good for our Seminole family 😉

This month Britt saw a dress in her closet that was mine as a kid and she begged to wear it to church. Of course I let her! I couldn’t believe she wanted to wear it…I mean it’s CLEARLY straight from the early 90s! She rocked it though 🙂 

Even though Britt is a “big girl” in many ways, we still have our fair share of fits. Britt is highly emotional…which I’m not sure if it’s just because she’s a girl or just because it’s something that makes her, her. I guess time will tell on that one! But as a woman I feel her on the emotional front. Emotions are TOUGH to deal with and work through at 30, I can only imagine how difficult they are at 4! Britt feels deeply. She feels joy deeply and sadness deeply and expresses those emotions. This fit? Because she couldn’t have a brownie.

More About Britt:

  • I watched Britt while at her camps and she cracked me up about how she couldn’t sit still. I feel like that’s more typically a “boy trait” as you always hear that boys need activity and movement and girls will sit still. Not Britt! While I don’t mind that she’s more active, I did not like seeing her cut in front of multiple friends in line. I tried to let the coaches during the camps handle stuff like that but when they didn’t notice I did speak to her about it afterwards. Even if our friends “let us” cut it’s still not a nice thing to do!
  • Britt does get VERY upset when she makes poor choices. She will apologize over and over in the moment and then also later. To me, the later apology is more meaningful as it means she’s taken time to think on it and still feels conviction in her heart, not just in the moment she gets caught/gets in trouble. 
  • Britt has two imaginary friends named Zoe and Elizabeth. We can’t see them…and she can’t see them but she does like to talk to them a lot and especially boss them around 😉 


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Britt Monthly Summary: June

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This is Britt’s summary from June:

Britt has become such a little book worm and it’s adorable. I will often have to tell her to go sit in her bed during the day due to her emotional outbursts. She will go sit in her bed and start reading some books from her shelf and totally calm down and gather herself. It’s a great opportunity for her to get away from whatever emotionally charged situation she was dealing with (usually something along the lines of wanting to destroy whatever toys Kye has set up). 

She is also starting to take more of an interest in drawing and writing cards for us

I don’t know if this is a common thing but I’ve seen that both of my girls will occasionally have blood spots in their ears? Like from picking at them? I think they may do it in their sleep as I’ve never seen them do it while awake. Britt did it bad enough where she had a big blood spot inside her ear which freaked me out a little! 

Britt is not a lover of food. She pretty much complains about anything and everything we give her to eat. Except corn. Child LIVES for corn!

Kye is not very imaginative. But Britt is so creative that way and is always making up stories and being silly. It’s not surprising that she’s my first child to “play” with her food. She is constantly telling us what her food looks like (here it looks like a “dinosaur”) and making her food talk. It doesn’t really bother me? Usually she just quietly mumbles whatever her food is saying. Usually it’s a storyline involving the parents of the food being eaten 😉

Sweet girl picked flowers for her mommy!

For Christmas Britt got a play makeup set and I’ve kept it in her closet. Wellllll….she found it and took it upon herself to play in it one day while she was alone in her room. At least she knew the pink eye shadow goes in the eye area? Haha!

My accessory loving girl 🙂

Speaking of accessories….these shoes have been Britt’s FAVORITE for quite sometime now. I found them through Disney on mega clearance and they are “Snow White” shoes. Britt adores them. She wore them to Disney on her first visit (in Jan 2014) and showed them to every single character/princess we met. She wears them around the house all the time and always asks to wear them when we go and do things. They have been too little for her for awhile now. But she keeps somehow squeezing her toes in and making it work. Finally this month she said they hurt and she was ready to pack them away. We will miss you Snow White shoes!

I went shopping this month and came home with my new purchases. Zach cares about what I buy from Gap just about as much as I care to hear about every detail of every hole of golf he plays with his dad each week 😉 We just don’t appreciate that joy the other gets from those things! Kye, of course, also doesn’t care about my purchases. But MAN I was PUMPED when I showed Britt what I bought. Instant self esteem booster. She got SO EXCITED and it made my shopping trip even more fun to get home and have her be so thrilled. Everything I pulled out was like Christmas morning to her and she kept saying “oh so pretty!” and “I love it!” She was giddy with excitement and so was I haha!

Britt loves to get dressed and to accessorize and to find the perfectly coordinating shoe. She loves to ask our opinions on what she’s wearing and loves to look at herself in the mirror. She constantly says how pretty she is and compliments others on how pretty/handsome we all look. She is the first to notice when we change our looks in anyway and is always so complimentary. I hope she ALWAYS has the confidence she has now. I hope I can foster that within her and that the world won’t steal it away. She IS beautiful she IS special and she should feel that way! I want her to always smile the way she does now whenever she sees herself in the mirror. Watching her I’m filled with envy as I know how harsh and judgmental our world is and how quickly it can change how we view ourselves. I know when I look at myself in the mirror I don’t think “I’m so pretty” the way Britt does when she looks at herself. I admire her confidence and am blessed with a beautiful daughter: inside and out 🙂

Britt’s emotions can change in a second…first she’s happy as can be in the bath….

and then she becomes a sobbing crying mess and gets her sister going with her! Ha! I sent Zach this pic to show him how well my solo night with the kids was going one night haha!

Britt has always adored Kye. I’d say at this point she still very much always wants to be around him and do whatever he’s doing but I’m not sure if it’s because she does adore him or because she enjoys annoying him? I think it’s a VERY common little sister thing and I know it’s a path they have to figure out for themselves. For now when they bicker I just have them both separate and sit in silence. I want them to learn to work things out on their own and to have fun together and feel by just equally punishing them both by isolating them that it will help them learn that life is more fun together and that they need to be a team! My brother and I were always a team and I do think having divorced parents had a lot to do with that. We relied on each other and were bonded together through our parents separating. Kye and Britt need to find their path to come together because their parents aren’t going to be divorcing anytime soon! 

Britt is wanting to learn to play checkers since it’s Kye’s favorite 🙂

Kye took this of us 🙂

More From Britt This Month:

  • Britt is very particular about the cleanliness of her room. She wants her bed perfectly made, nothing on her dressers, and all her drawers shut before she goes to sleep. She sleeps on top of her covers most of the time to avoid messing them up!
  • She doesn’t sleep with Mimi anymore (her comfort object) and hasn’t really ever been attached to her (I think that’s due to her finger sucking preference). She chooses to sleep with Donald and Daisy but then doesn’t actually sleep with them either! She just puts them on top of her headboard
  • When I tuck her in I say I love her from the top of her head alllll the way down to her toes and from her toes allll the way up to her head. She LOVES it. She’s my physical touch baby and loves these tickles over me singing a song like I do for Kye and Tess
  • “Iris” is her favorite song. It’s one that Zach and I consider to be one of our songs and Britt LOVES it
  • Anytime Britt gets hurt she says “it’s really bleeding” even though it never is actually bleeding
  • She often asks “Is it tomorrow today?”
  • She is SOOOOO sweet to others. Like adorably sweet ALL the time to everyone else but man she will show that uglier side of her personality to us at home. Which is a difficult thing to parent and work on with her, but we are getting there
  • I am working a lot with her in talking about Satan and how we don’t want to let Satan win and how he temps us and tries to mess us up and get us to sin. I’m really trying to help her understand the heart and talk a lot about good (God) vs bad (Satan) in hopes of helping her to want to choose God and his goodness
  • She is OBSESSED with Uncle Jordan. When I ask her why she just says “because he is my favorite!”
  • Her favorite game is the quiet game. I know right? You would NEVER guess that haha but she loves it and constantly wants to play it. 
  • We are FINALLY at a point where there are a LOT less spankings being needed for Britt!!! She’s getting more and more obedient and easier and easier to parent. I know we’re a long way from the laid back time with her but I see a lot of improvements and a great reminder for us to keep being consistent! 
  • I’m so thankful to be Britt’s mom. She is so silly and sweet and constantly making others smile when they are around her. I love our cuddle times and hearing her crazy, creative stories. She has so many layers to her personality and is always surprising us!

Videos from this Month:

More pics of my precious girl! She is so special to me 🙂

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Britt Monthly Summary: June

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All about Britt from June!

Mommy/Daddy Time: I can think of VERY few times when Zach and I have gotten to spend time together alone with JUST Britt? We take dates with each kid pretty often, but rarely do we get the chance to be the two of us with just one child. Kye went to spend the night with Aunt Karen so Zach and I enjoyed our sweet girl! It was crazy how EASY she was when it was just her! We often think of Britt as our spirited “tougher” child…especially in this two year old phase of life. But when it was just her by herself with us? She was awesome! 

Britt and I went on a fun golf cart ride around the neighborhood while Zach made her dinner!

She wanted to rock her sunglasses during her dinner 😉

After dinner we went to McDonald’s! They had a great special on 49 cent ice cream cones so we thought it’d be a fun special treat for the three of us to enjoy 🙂

Kye stayed at Aunt Karen’s through nap time the next day so we woke up with Britt and were able to shower her with more undivided attention. We made cookies for Casey and Jordan…

and had a picnic/pool lunch!

Potty Update: Britt has now been day potty trained for about a year. She still wears diapers at naps and nighttime and for a long time was not really pooping in the potty. She’d wait and always poop in her diaper during those sleep times. It ended up being a SUPER easy fix! I started rewarding her with a fruit snack every time she went poop in the potty. It took literally only a week or less and she stopped going poop in her diapers. I used the same approach with getting her to stay dry and clean for naps and nights. We noticed her diapers were typically barely wet at all so we started rewarding her for staying dry and clean when sleeping! Again, it didn’t take long at all! We had her sleep in panties with pull ups over them just in case and she rarely had any accidents. Currently she’s just in panties and it’s been an EASY transition! She had her first nap in her panties on 6/8, slept from 1-445 and stayed dry! Her first night dry was on 6-/10!

Fun With Mommy: While Kye had golf camp, Britt and I found ways to entertain ourselves! One day we went into Hobby Lobby and did some fun shopping cart rides haha. Normally I would NOT allow my kid to ride on the outside of the cart…but it sure was fun 😉 

When Kye had his art class I took Britt to McDonald’s (yes again, and yes we got the ice cream deal again too!) and she had fun with her special treat cone!

Drinks Like Mommy: Britt ALWAYS wants to drink water…but especially my water. She often can be found getting my cup off the counter and taking sips. For a long time I tried to limit the water sharing situation but now have just given into it. I mean it’s much easier than making her a cup for herself and I don’t have to worry about her losing the cup, spilling the cup, or sitting the cup down and leaving a ring. She takes an occasional sip from mine and it good to go!

Kye also got Britt a water bottle when he was with Aunt Karen and I filled it up for her with water. She came up to me and said “I gotta drink my Spark!” haha I think it’s safe to say she knows Mama loves her Spark huh?!?!

Little Mommy: Britt is such a huge helper! She truly loves being just like mommy in all that I do. I’ve been very busy cooking lots of meals to save for when the baby arrives and she insists on helping each time. She loves to help pour! 

Now that Carter is here Britt has also become way more into her baby dolls. She is SUCH a good mommy with them. Each baby doll has it’s specific blanket and she always makes sure they have their blanket on at all times. She loves to line them all up and have them go night-night. 

She also loves to rock the babies and will sing “rock a by baby” while she rocks them!

Writing: Britt is getting better and better with her patience and writing skills. She enjoys drawing. She is still in the scribble stage with her skills but I’m glad she enjoys it!

Britt always asks “how do you draw a B?” Here’s a video!

She is SO excited for school and for her turn to have pics with her school work 🙂

Some of her own artwork to show off!

Lines: I vividly remember Kye going through this same stage where he just wanted to put everything in a line all the time. Britt loves to make lines of toys and gets upset if they get messed up!

Cereal: Britt LOVES getting to eat her cereal with milk! She is my MESSY eater but, surprisingly, does very well with the milk and cereal combo! 

More from this month:

  • Britt has entered the “why” age where she asks why about everything. I try hard to always give an explanation but whew, it’s exhausting sometimes!
  • Britt always says prayers at meals, even though Kye does too. Here’s a video of her prayers
  • She is MEGA obsessed with having pockets. She loves them and always comments when people have pockets on their shirts
  • Kye went potty outside after swimming so Britt ran over next to him and went too 😉
  • She was in bed one day and I saw her on the monitor trying to fix her bed sheets. She kept saying “it’s stuck! it’s stuck!” and then she randomly said “this is ridiculous!”
  • Britt is very much a Parker in that she LOVES attention. At Zach’s parents house it’s like legit battles for the attention! Everyone is loud and always talking over each other (I learned you have to interrupt or else you’ll never get to speak haha). Britt is for sure a Parker in that way as she ALWAYS wants the attention on her. If we are all talking at dinner she will say “Guys! Guys! Slow down. Slow downnnn” so we all stop talking and look at her
  • It’s interesting to me how Britt is girly in so many ways. It’s truly a nature and not nurture thing. I keep a chapstick by my bed and she ALWAYS comes in my room and says she needs it and puts it on. It’s like she already knows about lipstick!
  • I love this video of Britt saying that she loves Mommy so much!
  • In my nesting mode I did a lot of organizing this month and found a cart my aunt and uncle had sent to me when Britt was born. She became in love with it and carries it around the house opening and closing it singing the song over and over! Here’s a video!
  • She’s been doing awesome with staying dry and clean at naps and nights. One day after nap I went in to get her and asked if she was dry and clean and she said “just a little bit of tee tee. just a little bit” and then when I went to check her she said “just kidding!” 
  • She now has in ALL of her baby teeth! No more teething for us!
  • We started doing a special Mommy/Britt kiss when I tuck her in. We do an “eye kiss” where we touch eye lashes, then a “nose kiss” where we rub noses, and then we end with a “lip kiss” where we kiss like normal 🙂 It’s sweet to have something special just for us!
  • Britt LOVES to sing! One of her favorite’s is “Once Upon A Dream” enjoy her messy marker self singing  in this video 😉
  • This video of Britt seeing Carter is just too cute not to include again in this post 😉

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