Potty Training During Nap and Night Time

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Britt Monthly Summary: June

All about Britt from June! Mommy/Daddy Time: I can think of VERY few times when Zach and I have gotten to spend time together alone with JUST Britt? We take dates with each kid pretty often,… View Post

Tips for Successful Potty Training

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Potty Training Britt

Fair Warning: This post is LONG. And detailed. However, I not only want to remember everything for the future babies but I also know so many people have wanted help with their own potty training… View Post

Prepping for the Potty

Now that I have had two children be potty trained at young ages (Kye was 19 months and Britt 16 months) I feel like I can offer a bit of advice on the topic! At… View Post