Trying to Conceive a Boy: How Do I Get Pregnant With a Boy?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it’s okay to want a baby boy or baby girl. Sure, you’re going to love the child no matter what the sex of your baby is, but if you really want to know how to conceive a boy, there are definite ways to give yourself a better chance.

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Okay, so let’s get real: there are plenty of old wives’ tales that are rumored to increase your chances of having a boy, but you shouldn’t put all your stock into them.

However, there are actual scientific theories about male sperm versus female sperm that can help you understand when and how one is more likely to fertilize the egg than the other.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

Big disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health professional – all of the information I’m about to share comes from internet research and my own experience! Please consult your doctor or fertility specialist with any medical questions or concerns!

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Are you trying to conceive a baby boy? Here are some easy, natural, non-invasive methods said to increase your chances of having a boy!

First, let’s address the science stuff

I know gender selection is very controversial and I’m not trying to stir up any controversy here. Just so you have all the facts, there is a medical way to “choose” the sex of your baby, called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This is a form of in-vitro fertilization that involves extracting a cell from a fertilized embryo and only implanting the desired sex into the mother’s uterus.

There’s some controversy surrounding this method, with fertility clinics recommending that it only be done if the parents know they have a medical condition that only impacts a specific gender. 

So that’s just something to keep in mind in case you hear something about it, or just want to know for your own reference! I’m not recommending sperm sorting or sex selection or anything scientific. It’s okay to do little tricks! In the end all that matters is a healthy baby to us 🙂 

I also want to recognize that being able to get pregnant is a gift I do not take for granted. Pregnancy is a blessing and many women don’t get these chances that I’ve been blessed to have. Getting pregnant has always been easy for me and I know that is not the case for many people.

Please don’t take these tips as thinking I don’t appreciate my ability to conceive a child! There may be medical reasons at play where some of these tips shouldn’t be followed. These tips and tricks are simply that: they have not been medically reviewed nor should they be considered medical advice.

What are the differences between male and female sperm?

Let’s go back to junior high biology: sperm contain one of the two chromosomes that determines baby’s sex. A female sperm will contain an X chromosome while a male sperm has a Y chromosome. Combined with the egg, females will always have two X chromosomes while males will have an X and a Y. So really there is basically boy sperm and girl sperm 🙂

Make sense? Pop quiz on Friday! (Just kidding!)

So what does that mean? It means that biologically, the two different sperm favor different conditions.

Now let’s talk about the methods

The Shettles Method was formulated by Dr. Landrum Shettles in the 1950s. Basically, his method states that there are key differences between male and female sperm. By affecting some external and internal factors in the body, you can increase your chances of conceiving a boy or a girl.

I’m not for or against The Shettles Method. If you want to give it a try and it works for you, then great! But it’s not 100% infallible either. A lot of the research I did at least mentioned it, though, so I thought I’d explain it.

It’s also not the only way to go if you want to try different methods. The Babydust method is another one that gets talked about often, as does the Whelan method. Many of the tips and tricks for discussed here most likely came from one of these methods!

Are you trying to conceive a baby boy? Here are some easy, natural, non-invasive methods said to increase your chances of having a boy!
The first picture of my two sons together!

How to Conceive a Boy

According to Dr. Shettles, male sperm are faster than female sperm but don’t live as long. 

Therefore, in order to increase your chances of conceiving a boy, you should have sexual intercourse as close to ovulation as possible, to up the chances of the fast-swimming male sperm reaching the egg first.

If you don’t currently track your menstrual cycle, but you’re trying to get pregnant, I highly suggest you do so! There are plenty of great apps and journals that can help you determine your fertile window. Ovulation day generally occurs about two weeks after your last period started, and you can use an ovulation calendar to predict the time of ovulation. There are also ovulation predictor kits that serve the same purpose.  

How do you detect your fertile days?

Temperature rises

Your basal body temperature rises just slightly after ovulation – if you have a really good thermometer, you can measure it.

Cervical mucus

As you approach ovulation day, your cervical mucus will increase and become clear and slippery. (Usually, it’s compared with egg whites.) This is the ideal condition during the fertile period for conception, so pay attention to what’s going on down there!

Ovulation kit

During the ovulation period, your body starts producing more estrogen, triggering the luteinizing hormone, or LH. This hormone is actually what causes the mature eggs to release from your ovaries, which marks the day of ovulation!

This is what ovulation test kits measure, and you pee on it like you would a pregnancy test. These digital tests are easy to use and not very expensive!

What if I have irregular cycles?

Every woman’s body is different, and for some, the only consistency is inconsistency! But even if you have irregular periods, you can still figure out when your fertile window is by paying attention to your body.

What are the best sex positions to conceive a boy?

It is said that there a certain sex positions that increase your chances of having a boy. Deep penetration is said to be the best because male sperm don’t live as long, so depositing them as close to the cervix as possible gives them the best chance to reach the mature egg first.

The best sex position options include, but are not limited to: doggy style, standing up, or straddling… you know, whatever works 😉 As long as there isn’t shallow penetration, that’s the goal!

In contrast, it’s said that missionary position is best for conceiving girls… as the saying goes, a soft, sweet time makes a girl while a wild, crazy time makes a boy. Might as well get fun with the sexual position!

Another tip that’s said to help is if the woman orgasms first. (Well, come on, it’s just biology!) This is because it increases the alkaline levels down there, which is ideal for baby boys! Apparently, boys prefer an alkaline environment while girls prefer an acidic environment.

One other helpful tip is loose underwear: this is a good principle no matter what, as tight underwear tend to decrease a man’s sperm count, so if you want to give those male sperm a fighting chance, have your husband wear boxers or, at the least, boxer briefs!

What’s the right time for sex in order to conceive a boy?

Anytime, right? Ha ha! Actually, timing of intercourse may actually make a difference. There are studies to suggest that morning sex might be the key to conception because for men, sperm count tends to be higher in the morning! So, why not give it a try?

But on the flip side, I’ve also heard that using the nighttime as the time for having sex is the best time for conception in general because you’re able to lie down for a long time afterwards (i.e., go to sleep) which helps sperm travel to their destination! This is what we did and it worked for us, so you be the judge!

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Are there any foods that help you conceive a boy?

It’s said that certain foods will increase your chances of a positive result. This is one old wive’s tale that might actually have some science behind it!

Eating foods high in potassium and sodium are said to be a good idea if you want to have a male child. So, bananas and potato chips it is! Alright, of course you still want to maintain a healthy diet, but a few extra banana muffins and an extra sprinkle of sea salt surely won’t hurt! Supplements for potassium are also a good way to make sure you’re getting an extra boost!

Are you trying to conceive a baby boy? Here are some easy, natural, non-invasive methods said to increase your chances of having a boy!

How to Conceive a Boy: Final Thoughts

In summary, you want to eat foods high in potassium and sodium, have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible, choose a position with deep penetration, and preferably have the woman orgasm first to increase alkaline levels.

While there is no way to 100% guarantee you will conceive a boy, you can certainly up your chances and if it doesn’t hurt, it can only help! If you have any other tips and tricks on how to conceive a boy, or if you’ve used these tips successfully, tell me about it in the comments! 

Is it possible to conceive a baby boy on purpose? There are certain natural tips and tricks that are said to increase your chances of becoming pregnant with a boy! Find out what they are!

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