Kye Summary of Month 20

It’s been a little busy around here but I’m thankful for these monthly posts as it gives me a place to put the little moments that I could easily forget with time.

Here’s what Kye was up to during his 20th month of life (from Oct 4th- Nov 4th):

boy eating bread


His vocabulary is just growing and growing.

It’s hard to imagine I was ever nervous about his lack of talking! In addition to all the words last month, he’s now also saying: doggie out, mama (for both Gramma and G-Mama), animal sounds (bah for sheep and goat, snorts for pig, moo for cow, neigh for horse, bark for dog, meow for cat, who-ha for monkey, roar for lion and tiger, here’s a video of some), marvin (from his favorite book), glasses, book, cool (here’s a video), big, slippers, Colt, Payton, reading (“re-re”), sit down (always points to the seat, it’s a demand for sure!), seat, church, cake, tv (“see-see” which means he wants to watch his YBCR movie and here’s a video of him watching it, he has memorized most of them at this point), feet, yogurt, teeth, please (“pees” – here’s a video of him saying please as well as other words. He always signs “more” when he says “please” which I think is precious), tee-tee (which sounds exactly like tv), wipe, no ma’am (“no me”), cold, trick-or-treat, arg (pirate sound), boo (constantly likes to “scare” us!), ugh-oh (typically once has a potty accident), yuck, water (“what-e” – here’s a video of him saying banana, fish and water)


Kye really, really loves to read his Bible.

He will ask for it and sit on the bed and read it for a good 20 min at a time.

It’s so important to me to raise Kye to love God and obey His commandments.

I want to know on my death bed that my son will be meeting me someday in Heaven and so far I think we’re on that right path 🙂

so focused


When Kye first became a toddler I read all about feeding him and read that you should not give them all their milk at the beginning of a meal b/c they will just drink the milk and not eat.

Kye was always SUCH a big eater that I didn’t worry about that…well now I have to.

He is obsessed with milk and would just live off of it if I let him!

I used to give him 8 oz at breakfast, let him drink the rest for lunch, water at snack, and 8 oz at dinner and now I split up the morning milk otherwise he wouldn’t have any for lunch!

Btw did I ever mention we switched to organic milk for both Kye and for us?

It’s SCARY to think what all the hormones in milk cause and I feel strongly that the crap we eat is REALLY a big cause for SO many problems in our lives (early development in girls, more feminine boys, cancers, etc, etc)

you can just SEE how much he enjoys it


I decided to start putting bubbles in Kye’s bath with him whenever I bathe him (which is more often right now since Zach is always traveling).

He has so much fun playing in them and it makes bath time more enjoyable for us both!

Plus the bubbles help hide his privates in pictures (you know that’s my REAL motivation behind using them)

so pumped

showing Mommy

Lining Up:

Kye is a perfectionist like his mommy.

He is still very into lining up all of his toys and his latest thing is not only lining them up, but lining them up on things that are off the ground. He really enjoys playing on the step stool and will line and re-line up his cars for HOURS (yay for me!)


Other than milk another new favorite treat is bread. Yup, just a piece of bread (whole wheat of course). Check out this cute video of how he eats it!

this one is just too cute

Picky eater:

If it’s not obvious from the milk and bread mentions, Kye has become a MUCH pickier eater. I’ll give him dinner and he won’t want it.

For awhile I played the whole just-give-him-what-he-wants-so-he’ll-eat thing but I refuse to do that anymore.

The new deal? I make him whatever I want to make him and if he doesn’t want to eat it then he needs to take ONE bite of it before I give him something else.

I need to video how funny he looks when he is forced to take a bite, he hates it.

I don’t EVER want to make my child clean his plate (I think that has a lot to do with the obesity in our country) but I don’t want him to be disrespectful of what I make either.

If he chooses not to take a bite or try it then I just leave it there and he goes on without eating.


Climbing is STILL something Kye loves to do.

He is obsessed with his cars and like I mentioned earlier, likes to line them up in high places. I typically find him up on our board game storage chest playing with his cars on the couch or standing on the couch lining them all up along the back of it.

He tries to climb all the time often in places that just simply aren’t safe (like trying to stand on top of his toy bucket in the bathtub) but I figured this one place isn’t going to kill him if he falls so why not let him have fun?


Unfortunately, I don’t think the dogs and Kye are really friends anymore. Zeke still tolerates him but the dogs are afraid of him. He is too rough with them!!!

He loves them but just doesn’t understand how to be gentle and he thinks it’s hilarious to shake the chair when Levi’s laying on the back of it.

Poor dogs 🙁 He did have a couple sweet moments with them this month though:

Kye’s favorite book is The Escape of Marvin the Ape (we bought it for him when we were in NYC) and he read it to Levi.

both Sadie and Kye were filthy so why not bathe ’em together? (yes I did re-wash Kye afterward)

Laundry Man:

Another great distraction to keep Kye busy? (Can you tell I’ve got a lot on my plate right now?

I feel like everything Kye did this month was playing on his own so I could be making phone calls on the house!) Sorting laundry!

Of course I have to re-sort it all after he finishes but man this keeps him occupied forever! Here’s a video of his skills.


We really have fun playing with Kye’s Mega Blocks and he enjoys using every block in the bag to build a talll tower.

He is always so proud after we finish and he will want to pick it up and carry it around until it breaks. Can’t you see how proud his face is here?

Kye also really enjoys driving his Tonka around the house. He will ride and ride and practically run you over…especially when his hat is covering his eyes 🙂

Another toy Kye really enjoys is the rocking “horse” (it’s actually a dog) Mom brought with her from her house. He loves to rock, rock, rock as this video shows.

Going “Bye Bye”:

With the chaos that is our living situation it’s good for Kye and I to get out of the house as much as possible.

He knows if he sees me with shoes on that we’re going “bye bye” and he loves it! He typically behaves better in public than he does at home and he’s become quite the little outing partner 🙂 

I even took him grocery shopping! He saved this cookie for almost the whole trip

He wouldn’t look me in the eyes because he thought he was “hiding” so I wouldn’t eat his cookie (so not fair…parents should get a free one too!)

He’s so stylish
(can you see my endless amounts of organic milk in my cart? haha!)


This didn’t really make sense in it’s own post so I thought I’d share it here…while we were at Stake and Shake for my birthday celebration with Mom, Kye wanted to try a lemon so we let him. It was HILARIOUS to watch him eat it and see the funny faces he’d make. Here’s a video!



Kye is Colt OBSESSED.

He LOVES his cousin which is precious and sweet but also annoying as he asks for him ALL the time and will cry and cry saying “Collllt…Collllt” (and Payton? She doesn’t even exist in Kye’s little world!). It’s funny too because Kye will talk about Colt allllll day long but then when they get together he’s more interested in Colt’s toys than he is in Colt.

It is super adorable though that he loves his cousin so much, I’m sure they will be best buddies

a sweet moment with Big Daddy and his great-grandsons

Messy Eating:

Kye’s been using utensils now for quite sometime but it seems like lately he’s learned that it’s fun to make a mess so he’s been more focused on that than eating properly.

Check out how I found him after I gave him a bowl of yogurt! I’ve even caught him putting the bowl of yogurt (or cereal) on his head as a hat…

Big Boy:

The biggest thing Kye has been going through this month has been a transition from “baby” to “big boy.”

He’s ALLLL about being a big kid and I think it’s a big reason why potty training was so successful for him.

I first really noticed it at church one Wenesday night. We eat dinner at church whenever they have it and Kye sits in a high chair and eats while we eat then gets down and plays with other little kids.

This time Kye saw some bigger boys come in and would not eat and kept pointing at them.

I finally just gave up and let him get down and he went running over to where the boys were sitting, climbed up next to them at their table, and said “eat!”

It was PRECIOUS! The boys were super sweet to him about it and they were both 5 and 6 years old. Actually one of them has a little brother Kye’s age who showed no interest in sitting with them. Isn’t that hilarious?

Eating out is kinda of a pain with a kid in a high chair so we decided to try out a booster seat for him and he did great!

We went to Texas Roadhouse just the three of us for a family night (they have GREAT family night deals here on Mondays!)  and let Kye sit in the booster next to Daddy…he really, really loved it and was so proud the whole time.

The booster seat experience quickly translated to Kye wanting to sit in the big chairs at home.

Now that our high furniture is out and Mom’s normal height stuff is in, it’s a LOT less scary for me if he sits up there!

Once the potty training started, the high chair was OVER. He refused to sit in it. I think all the focus on him being a “big boy” with the potty made him want to be a big boy with everything.

Which is fine…I just didn’t have a booster seat so for awhile he just sat on the chair!

The big boy Kye thing isn’t just an attitude change…it’s a physical one too.

He really IS bigger. I know most people turned their kid front facing as soon as they turned 1 but I am just a stickler for safety and the SAFEST  way for a child to face is backwards – for a long as possible.

My plan was to have Kye face backwards until he weighed too much for the seat, which was 35 lb, then we’d switch him frontwards.

Well…I didn’t consider the idea that he may be too tall to sit backwards. Poor kid was eatin’ his knees. We decided to turn it around on Halloween and he LOVES it.

The whole ride to my birthday celebration he was saying “car! car!”

and he LOVED getting to see the choo choo train!

I see why people like their kid sitting forward – it is EASIER to get him in and out and I like that I can see him in the rear view mirror.

However, it has it’s downsides too. The sun really bothers his eyes yet he refuses to wear sunglasses and it’s harder for him to sleep in the car when on road trips too.

Since Kye is a “big boy” he wants to do everything grown-ups do and expects us to want to do everything he wants to do too.

While he’s eating he’ll tell us to “sit down” too and if he goes swinging on the swings then he wants Mommy to swing too. It’s sweet, yet also a bit annoying. 


Mrs. Charlotte told me a long time ago that Zach was a VERY whiney child…well so is his son. Kye IS teething (cutting his canine teeth I think) but he is also very whiney. He fusses a lot and it’s something I’m working on.

Typically my response is to have him say please and use his words. If he really gets upset though I’ll ignore him.

Sometimes he’ll pitch a FIT for up to 45 min!!! I think it’s also to do with the “terrible” 2s???

Thankfully he IS learning to say “no ma’am” because he’s for sure turned into a “no no no” kid. He can’t say yes yet but BOY can he say no!!!

Along with no ma’am I also have him respond yes ma’am to every command I give him.

I’ll say “put your toys away, say yes ma’am” and then he’ll nod his head yes (as he can’t speak it yet).

This is a good routine (as Toddlerwise discusses) to start so I won’t have to spend time repeating myself and so he’ll know I know he heard me and understood what was expected of him.

As of tomorrow Kye will be 22 months old so I’m due for the summary of month 21 when I post the summary of month 20! My goal? To be 100% caught up to real life time by the new year, wish me luck!

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