Kye Summary of Month 20

It’s been a little busy around here but I’m thankful for these monthly posts as it gives me a place to put the little moments that I could easily forget with time. Here’s what Kye… View Post

Summary of Month 19

I’ve been behind in the past but never anything like this! I hate that I’m writing this less than a week before he’s due for another post about the summary of month 20. Oh well,… View Post

Summary of Month 18

Whew! I know I’m mega late on this and I hate that…but life right now is a constant go-go-go and I just can’t slow down! I am probably including way more pictures than I should… View Post

Feeding a Toddler

When a child turns one soooo many things just seem to get easier. Whole milk – much less stressful than breastfeeding or even formula feeding. Naps and night time sleep – still vital but if… View Post