Brittlynn Summary of Month 9

Everything Britt-Britt was up to during her 9th month of life (August 6th-Sept 5th)…yes 9th. Goodness this child is growing up quick!!! Solids: Solids are still going beautifully. I’m so, so thankful we used the… View Post

Kye is 23 Months Old!

For the pictures this month I used images I took but didn’t get a chance to use anywhere else (mostly they are ones I took for my photography class but didn’t submit for critique!) Using… View Post

Kye Summary of Month 20

It’s been a little busy around here but I’m thankful for these monthly posts as it gives me a place to put the little moments that I could easily forget with time. Here’s what Kye… View Post

Summary of Month 15

This monthly post won’t be as picture heavy as usual. I’m doing a better job with my goal of posting more throughout the month and not saving it all for one big post at the… View Post

Summary of Month 14

I know I’m behind on this, but aren’t I always??? This past month has been rough with sicknesses and rashes but we still managed to make some memories and Kye still had plenty of changes… View Post