Summary of Month 15

This monthly post won’t be as picture heavy as usual. I’m doing a better job with my goal of posting more throughout the month and not saving it all for one big post at the end of it ๐Ÿ™‚ Also Kye’s at an age where the things he’s learning to do are better shown through video, so this post may be video heavy ๐Ÿ™‚

Words: Kye is speaking a lot more now and it seems like everyday he’s adding more words. I’ve taken lots of videos to capture his new words so in the list of the words he’s saying several of them are links to videos! New words he’s saying this month include: up, red (while watching YBCR it asked “what is your favorite color?” then it showed a bunch of colors and I swear he said “red” clear as day!), turtle, shoes, go, whoa, ugh-oh, truck, cool, and mommy (but it’s more like “mom-meeee”).

Bath Issues: While Kye still enjoys his bath we’re having more trouble with him misbehaving in it. He wants to stand SO badly so he gets several spankings. Zach swears he doesn’t stand up as much for him but I feel like every time I give him a bath I end up spending the whole time spanking him or getting onto him so I just simply don’t enjoy it!

Direction following: It AMAZES me that Kye understands us so well now. I have always talked to Kye the same way even since he was a little baby but it’s so neat to see him understanding what we say. I told him to come here comb my hair and he came in the room and put the comb in my hair! I used to bring the toys to him to make him help clean up but now I just tell him that we can’t go do something else until we clean up our toys and sing the “clean up” song and he comes and cleans up (he has even started cleaning up on his OWN without having to be asked – no joke). It’s truly awesome to see my baby be a legit person!

Body Parts: Kye, with the help of Your Baby Can Read, can point to several body parts on others and on himself. He knows: eyes, nose, mouth, toes, head, and hair. We’re still working on the others but I think that’s a pretty good start.

Mail: When Kye was a newborn I really enjoyed checking the mail. It gave me a reason to leave the house and I’d sit with Kye on the front porch and read through it. Now that Kye is obsessed with being outside, going to get the mail has again become a big event in our day. I let him play with the junk mail and this one was something he wouldn’t easily give up…I wonder why?



trying to steal it away…

Kisses: It’s so funny to me that in last month’s post I mentioned how Kye doesn’t give real kisses and now this month he gives them to EVERYONE! It’s really the sweetest thing and I LOVE it. Early on in the month he was just giving the open mouth kind but now he puckers up too ๐Ÿ™‚ He loves giving out the kisses, here’s a video of him giving one to Daddy. I get them every night before letting Zach put him to bed and it’s such a sweet moment (here’s a sample’s usually sweeter but we had tried like 10 tries at recording him doing it and I was annoyed by this point). He also gives them out to keep the ladies comin’ back for more…here’s a video of his first kiss with Lorelai!


don’t you love how the dads are the ones initiating this?

Walking: It’s hard for me to believe it’s been only a few weeks since Kye started walking…he’s already such a pro! When Mom took him to Stride Rite for some new shoes they told her that he’s a “Stage 2” walker. Stage 1 is when they hold up their hands and walk, Stage 2 is when they hold their hands out front to walk and Stage 3 is when they walk with their hands at their sides. Not bad for a beginner ๐Ÿ™‚ He loves to run all over the place and especially likes to carry things while he walks. And by “things” I mean everything. Even heavy stuff!!! Here is the latest video of his walking skills.


our days of holding hands are numbered!

carrying Daddy’s golf club

Fake Coughing: When Kye had his little cold a couple months ago I’d always cover his mouth with my hand whenever he’d cough. He LOVED it and would cough on purpose to get me to cover his mouth for him. He still loves to pretend cough so I’ll cover his mouth and now he’ll even cover his own! I’ve been trying all month to get a video of it and hopefully someday I will, but he just hasn’t done it when I have a camera handy.

Happy Boy: I feel like Kye has always been a truly happy child but for a little while it seemed like he wasn’t as happy as he’d been as a little baby. Well the happy boy is back! Our house is truly one filled with a child’s laughter. He loves being chased around the house and chasing us in return. He loves being tackled and tickled until he just can’t laugh anymore. He just loves to laugh and I love that he loves it! Here’s a video of his little laugh when I let him have the monkey outside the crib, he thought it was hilarious to break the rules ๐Ÿ˜‰

High Fives: When Kye first started giving “fives” he only did low ones. He can now officially do high ones too! Here’s a quick video to show off this skill.

Copy Cat: I realize now that our child is old enough to copy the things that we do (scary truth!). The other night I was “fooing” his food (“fooing” is when you blow on food to cool it off) before putting it on his plate and what did he do before he ate a bite? Yup, he “fooed” it too! I told Zach to grab the camera and get a video of it and luckily he did. He will now foo his food all on his own. It’s so stinkin’ cute but it also a reminder to me to be aware of my actions because my sweet little boy will copy them in a heartbeat!

Ball: The favorite toy this month has been Kye’s ball. He’s such a boy! He will get into his closet (now if you leave the door the slightest bit cracked he can get into it.), get out the ball, play with it, and then put it away. He loves to throw it and catch it and even just carry it around. Daddy is in Heaven as I’m sure you can imagine! Here’s a video of a couple of things: Kye being sweet on some stuffed animals, then giving them up for the ball, then saying “car!”

Blowing Nose: The weekend that Kye first started walking was also the weekend that Kye first started blowing his nose. Gramma is proud that she can say she taught him this necessary skill and I’m thankful for it! He’s not a pro or anything but if you put a tissue in front of his nose and say “blow” you can tell he’s blowing. Here’s a video, you can kinda tell he’s doing it.

Rocking Chair: This has been the month of the rocking chair. At first Kye’s challenge was to figure out how to climb in it and get back down (without falling)..he failed in this video but made it happen in this video! Now he loves to climb in and out of the chair and just sit in it. It’s so sweet to me as this is the chair that was Nana’s and it’s the only thing any of my children will ever have that truly is from her.

Scale: As mentioned, Kye loves showing off his ability to carry things while walking. Lately his new “trick” is carrying around my bathroom scale. It cracks me up because he’ll carry it around, then put it down, and weigh himself! The other day he actually went through this whole routine and then carried the scale back into our bathroom and put it away in the closet.

Sizes: Kye is in sz. 5 diapers, size 4 1/2 wide (or double wide) shoes, 18 months clothes with some pants/shorts still being 12 months. He’s also started the review video of Your Baby Can Read

Praying: Kye has become an expert at the art of prayer. When it’s time to eat he’s learned that we pray before eating and he will put his hands together and even sometimes bow his head! Since Zach has night duty (it’s special time he and Kye can spend together) I rarely get to say night time prayer with him but when Zach was out of town I noticed he puts his hands together then too! It’s pretty neat especially since we didn’t put a big emphasis on him doing that. We just always say “time to say a prayer” and then hold his hands! We don’t say “do your prayer hands” like I’ve heard other people do so it’s just neat to me that he’s truly learned just from copying us. (I wish I had a video of this b/c it’s PRECIOUS but it’s kinda hard to capture!)

On and Off: Lights have always been fascinating to Kye and he enjoys turning them on and off and on and off. Now he’s also learned that many of his toys can turn on and off and he enjoys doing that as well! Here’s a video of Kye turning on and off his basketball goal toy (and showing you a little dance too while also showing off his ability to say “up”)

Shoes: After his trip to Gramma’s Kye has been obsessed with shoes. His shoes and everyone’s shoes. He loves trying on our shoes and attempting to walk in them. It’s so precious and I’m mega tempted to let him try some of my heals but I’m sure someday he’ll find them on his own as don’t all kids? While “car” is still his favorite word “shoes” is now a close second. Here’s a video of Kye saying “shoes” and trying to put on his shoes before we go outside.

These past couple weeks have been so emotional dealing with feelings associated with Tripp and filled with thoughts and prayers for Rachael and her family. It’s been tough for everyone and I think I’ve appreciated these past days more than I have any others since Kye has been born. I’ve been more patient. More willing to stop my busy “to do” list and devote time to Kye. I’ve given more kisses, hugs and cuddle time. I’ve just enjoyed him. Cherished him. It’s so sad it takes something so tragic to really find an appreciation for what you have but that is what has happened for me. I hope to always keep this feeling going, to always pause and slow down and just soak up every second of life that I can with him.


Kye’s current schedule this month is still a work-in-progress as I’m trying to drop the morning nap sloooowly. We have also struggled with roomtime as he didn’t do well for Gramma with it at her house then everything happened with Tripp and I was gone to Atlanta and it’s just been too hard for me emotionally to make him do something like that when I’d rather just spend every second with him! I’m planning to get back on track this week though and will be back to 40 min (or more!) by next month, I promise.


7:15: up, 8 oz sippy, breakfast

video time


9:40: down for nap

11:00 up from nap, lunch

roomtime (if possible)

1:00 nap

2:30-3:45: up from nap (some days he just sleeps and sleeps and others he will just sit in there and talk)

3:00: snack

6:00 dinner

6:45: bath

7:15: bed

sample schedule for 14 month old

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